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High purity water stills

Quality water distillers that reasonably priced and last a life time! Start making high quality distilled water!
We have a broad range of stills ranging from benchtop to wall mounted, single distilled to double distilled.
4L/h water still
Water still

Excellent quality European‐made water still for single distilled water. This is an "all glass still" as the element is covered by a quartz sheets. Water used in applications such as tissue culture require very pure water with lowest conductivity. Using low conductivity water to feed the still, having the element covered by a quartz sheath and ultimately double distilling the water, water of highest purity and especially lowest conductivity is attained. For most other purposes a still with an exposed element is perfectly suitable.


  • Output 4L/h
  • Automatic control system
  • Quartz heater
  • Borosilicate glass components
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compliance with EU directive

Distilled water quality
pH: 5.5 ‐ 6.6
Conductivity: 1‐5µS/cm
Temperature: 25°C ‐ 30°C
Pyrogen free

Power: 2.6kW
Power supply: 200/240V, 56 ‐60Hz 16A
Water pressure: 1.5kg/cm²
Cooling water: 1L/min

W x D x H: 600 x 175 x 460
Weight: 7.9kg

Water still diagram
Water still, single distilled, 4L/h
Water still


  • Output 4L/h
  • Chromium plated heater
  • PYREX borosilicate glass components
  • Easy maintenance
  • Provision for wall mounting

Distilled water quality
pH: 5.5 ‐ 6.0
Conductivity, tap water, deionised: 3 ‐ 4µS/cm
Conductivity, distilled water: 1.5 ‐ 2µS/cm
Temperature: 25°C ‐ 40°C
Pyrogen free

Power: 3.0kW
Power supply: 200/240V, 50 ‐60Hz

Single Phase electric supply capable of handling a load of 3kW, 230V+10%, 50‐60 cycles and with a fuse carrier of 15 amps.

A conventional 15 amp plug and socket, wall mounted, is recommended.
Water pressure: 3psi
Cooling water: 1L/min

Instrument dimensions
W x D x H: 500 x 150 x 450
Weight: 6.0kg

Packed dimensions
W x D x H: 500 x 470 x 460
Weight: 12.0kg

Water still, single distilled, 4L/h
Automatic Cabinet Water Still
Automatic Cabinet Water Still

These automatic cabinet water stills offer trouble free distillation in the laboratory. They provide ultra high purity water for demanding applications in the laboratory / tissue culture work. These stills incorporate several safety devices for automatic operation for use in hospitals and labs. The still incorporates all electrical safety standards IEC 61010-1.

All ERL stills are manufactured either from high quality PYREX Brand Borosilicate Glass incorporating a high quality double coil condenser and boiler system or using GE 214 Semiconductor Grade Quartz for the double coil condenser and boiler system, combined with a silica glass sheathed heating element which provides a high quality pyrogen-free output with conductivity <0.4 µS/cm for Quartz distillation models. The design of a double coil condenser also ensures a much lower temperature of distillate at output ready for immediate use. The IDO has been designed for fully automatic operation, when connected to a reservoir. Depending on the water in the reservoir, the unit will switch On/Off.

Cleaning acid to the boiler can be poured through a funnel. A Rota flow stopcock allows simple draining of chemicals after cleaning. The boiler is flushed with clean water before restart. IDO stills can be removed easily to access glass parts and components internal connections to the condensers are made with screw threaded connectors.


  • A power failure sensor is incorporated for the safety of boiler O.E.M option available
  • Flow Control Safety: enables you to use IDO under low pressure sources, a condition in which other stills cannot operate
  • A Gate Valve: To prevent wastage of cooling water in the event of power failure.
  • Level Sensor: A level sensor is incorporated for the safety of boiler, in the event of no water in the boiler.
  • Reservoir Level Sensor: Incorporated for automatic operation of the still.
  • High quality, low temperature output
  • Easy to clean


Cat. No.ERL3-4SERL3-8SERL4-4DERL4-8D
Output (litres/hr)4, Single Distilled8, Single Distilled4, Double Distilled8, Double Distilled
pH5.5 - 6.05.5 – 6.06.0 - 7.06.0 - 7.0
Conductivity µS/cm*1.0 - 2.01.0 – 2.00.8 - 1.00.8 - 1.0
Cooling water input for condenser2 ltrs/min2 ltrs/min x 2 inputs2ltrs/min x 2 Inputs 
Electrical230 V 50/60 Hz
 Single phase, 3 KWSingle phase, 6 KWSingle phase, 6.5 KW 

* Output quality would depend on the quality of the boiler feed inlet water & other environmental factors.

Notes on pH: Because of the difficulties associated with measurement of pH value of high purity water and the doubtful significant of the value obtained, limits for the pH values are not mentioned for Grade 1 and Grade 2 water.

Note of distilled output: All parameters have been tested under standard test laboratory conditions. Also, the output distillate is rated for 230V input. Incase of voltage drop, the output would decrease accordingly

Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Cabinet water still, single distilled, 4L/h
Cabinet water still, single distilled, 8L/h
Cabinet water still, double distilled, 4L/h
Cabinet water still, double distilled, 8L/h
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