Portable dissolved oxygen meter

EHI9146 is a water-resistant, microprocessor-based, dissolved oxygen meter with automatic temperature compensation (ATC). DO measurements can be displayed in parts per million (ppm=mg/L) or in % of saturation. The temperature range is indicated in Celsius from 0 to 50°C with 0.1 resolution. This meter also allows manual compensation of altitude and salinity values. The polarographic probe, supplied with the instrument, is provided with a protective cover for the membrane. A HOLD button allows the user to freeze the reading on the LCD. EHI9146 can be powered with batteries (with low battery indicator) or through a 12 Vdc adapter.
EHI9146-10 is supplied with HI 76407/10F probe with 10m (33') cable and protective cap, 2 spare membranes, HI 7041S electrolyte solution (30mL), batteries, hard carrying case and instructions.

EHI9146-04 comes with a 4m probe cable.

Specifications and manual for EHI9146

Dissolved oxygen meter, portable, 10m probe cable
Turbidity meter

EHI98703 portable turbidity meter utilises an EPA compliant tungsten light source and state-of-the-art optical system that allows consistently reliable and accurate measurements for turbidity. Users will appreciate the accuracy and sensitivity of this instrument, particularly at very low turbidity levels.
To meet EPA reporting requirements, these instruments have an EPA compliance reading mode. EHI98703 meets all EPA requirements with regards to the Standard Methods for Turbidity Measurements. Turbidity is measured up to 1000 NTU. Depending on the measured sample and required accuracy, users can select normal measurement, continuous measurement or signal averaging.
EHI98703 can be equipped with HANNA's (optional) Tag Identification System (TIS), which allows users to record the time and location of a specific measurement or series of measurements. Logged data can be downloaded to a PC through either USB or RS232 connections.
Reliable performance of the instrument is validated using Hanna's exclusive Cal Check® system and our ready-made, NIST traceable chlorine standards. For turbidity, a two, three or four-point calibration is available using pre-set or user defined standards. Frequent calibration is not necessary as the system compensates for variations in the intensity of the light source.
The instruments' Good Laboratory Practice functions allow traceability of calibration conditions including the time, date and last calibration points.
At start-up, the meter displays the percentage of remaining battery life. A 'low battery' warning message is also displayed on the LCD to avoid unexpected battery failure. This instruments is equipped with backlighting. The current date and time can be displayed on the LCD.

EHI98703 is supplied with:
Five sample cuvets and caps
Calibration cuvets (HI 98703-11)
Silicone oil (HI 93703-58)
Tissue for wiping the cuvets
Five tag holders with tags (HI 920005)
Four batteries
AC adapter
Instruction manual
Instrument quality certificate
Rigid carrying case

Specifications and manual for EHI98703

Turbidity meter, portable, EPA compliant
Portable turbidity meter
Portable turbidity meter maintenance kit
Maintenance kit

EHI93703 is a microprocessor based turbidity meter that provides laboratory precision for field turbidity measurements. It is designed to deliver a simple yet accurate way to test turbidity on-site.
The meter has two operating ranges: 0.00 to 50.00 FTUs, and 50 to 1000 FTU, which can accommodate the most turbid conditions.
EHI93703 is easy to calibrate (with 3 point calibration) using AMCO-EPA standards and is ISO 7027 compliant.
It meets the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) protocols for last calibration data storage.
EHI93703 is supplied with glass cuvet, batteries and instructions.

EHI93703C includes meter and HI 731313 maintenance kit: rugged carry case 340 x 230 x 90mm, 2 x calibration solutions, cuvette cleaning solution, cuvette cleaning cloth and 2 cuvettes.

Specifications and manual for EHI93703

Turbidity meter, portable, ISO compliant
Turbidity meter, portable, ISO compliant, complete kit
Photometer with calibration check

Phosphorus is found in nature as phosphates. Its concentration in water is monitored because it causes corrosion when present in high levels. It is also an important parameter for the growth of microorganisms and algae, which are often unwanted in tanks and reserves of water. Phosphorus is an essential element for plant growth and is needed in large amounts. EHI96706 measures the phosphorus (P) content in water samples in the 0.0 to 15.0 mg/L (ppm) range. EHI96706 uses an exclusive positive-locking system to ensure that the cuvette is in the same place every time it is placed into the measurement cell.


  • User calibration
  • Certified calibration and verification standards
  • BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System)
  • Timer function
  • Auto shut-off
  • GLP Features

Specifications and manual for EHI96706
Another 46 single parameter photometers

Photometer with calibration check, phosphorus, 0.0 to 15.0 mg/L

The 2008 Series of EHI83200 benchtop photometers from HANNA offers all the features from our previous popular series plus many upgrades and improvements that make these instruments much more versatile and easy to use.
These instruments have been completely redesigned to accommodate more sophisticated optical systems, resulting in greater reproducibility of tests. A cuvette compartment door eliminates external light disturbances.
The 2008 Series also features a graphic, backlit LCD which greatly enhances user friendliness. The method selection and set-up modes are clearly shown on the LCD. Each method's measuring procedure is displayed on the LCD taking the user step by step through the process. At any stage in the measurement process or during setup, the help button will show context sensitive help. All these features are available in a user selectable language. Additionally, the help screen also lists the required reagent sets, accessories and customer support contact information.
The 2008 Series eliminates confusion by automatically converting readings to other chemical forms. Common conversions are available at the touch of a button.
Other features include a USB connection to transfer logged data (the instruments allow up to 200 data points) and the capability to run on rechargeable batteries or a 12 Vdc power adapter (included).
EHI83200-2008 Series is one of the most versatile photometers on the market. Just one meter measures up to 45 of the most important water quality parameters. Suitable for labs and field use. EHI83200-2008 series is supplied with cuvettes (4), bottle for DO test, 12 Vdc adapter and instruction manual. EHI83200C-2008 series (230V) is supplied with a rugged carrying case, cuvettes (4), bottle for DO tests, scissors, cuvette cleaning cloths (4), 12 VDC adapter, and an instruction manual.

EHI83203-2008 is a multiparameter bench photometer dedicated to aquaculture analysis. It can measure 13 different methods using specific liquid or powder reagents. The amount of reagent is precisely dosed to ensure maximum reproducibility.
It can be connected to a PC via an USB cable. The optional HI 92000 Windows® Compatible Software helps users manage all their results.

Specifications and manual for EHI83200-2008
Specifications and manual for EHI83203-2008

Photometer, 45 water quality parameters
Photometer, 13 aquaculture parameters
Multi-range COD meter

This compact photometer operates in three different ranges to cover virtually every COD application: 0-150 mg/L, 0-1500 mg/L and 0-15000 mg/L. It meets the design requirements of USEPA 410.4, guaranteeing high quality measurements suited for reporting purposes.
EHI83099 can be operated manually or from a PC via the built-in RS232 port and data can be downloaded for analysis and documented with the HI 92000 application software.
EHI83099 multi-parameter photometer is pre-calibrated to measure COD levels at three ranges at the touch of a key pad. Simply use the scroll button to select the desired range and begin reading. It automatically selects the correct wavelength for the chosen range.
This meter employs an advanced optical system, assuring high accuracy in the entire measurement range. The optics combine the power of a miniature light source with the precision of a narrow band interference filter.
The compact size of the photometer allows the user to eliminate the clutter of bulkier and more costly spectrophotometers currently being used. Measuring 230 x 170 x 70mm and weighing less than 700g, it can be transported with ease from place to place.
EHI83099 is one of the most versatile photometers on the market. In addition to COD, this meter measures up to 36 of the most important water quality parameters.
It runs for hours on two common 9V batteries. In addition, it can operate continuously with input voltage of 12-20 Vdc.
EHI83099 is extremely simple to use. The front mask lists all the parameters in a numerical order and the display shows the same numbers for quick reference during testing.
All this and much more at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex spectrophotometers.
EHI83099 is supplied with 3 glass cuvets, cell protective cap, batteries, 12 Vdc adapter and instructions.

Specifications and manual for EHI83099

COD meter, multi-range, with 36 additional parameters
Digital refractometer

These digital refractometers are rugged, portable, water resistant (IP65) meters which employ the measurement of refractive index to display the sugar content in samples. Samples are measured after a simple user calibration with deionised or distilled water. Within seconds the instrument measures the refractive index of the sample and converts it to % Brix concentration units. Digital refractometers eliminate the uncertainity associated with mechanical refractometers and are portable for measurements in the field.
The measurement technique and temperature compensation employ the methodology in the ICUMSA Methods Book (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis).
Temperature (in °C or °F) is displayed simultaneously with measurement on the large, dual level display along with other helpful message codes.
The wide range suits most applications and the meters are easy to operate. Fill the sample well with distilled or deionised water and press the ZERO key. Place a few drops of the sample in the well and press the READ key. Temperature is automatically compensated (ATC). The refractometers are operated by a single 9V battery for portability and the dual-level LCD displays the measurement as well as temperature readings simultaneously in approx. 1.5 seconds.
Note: EHI96811 wine refractometer can only measure grape juice, not finished wine, as the alcohol in the wine affects the Brix reading.
EHI96801 and EHI96811 are supplied with (1) 9V battery and instructions.

Specifications and manual for EHI96801
Specifications and manual for EHI96811
Specifications and manual for EHI96831
Specifications and manual for EHI96832


Digital refractometer, Brix 0 - 85%
Digital wine refractometer, Brix 0 - 50%
Digital refractometer, for ethylene glycol
Digital refractometer, for propylene glycol
Pocket-size hygrometer

The HANNA HYGROCHECK, EHI98601, uses the advanced TFPC® sensing method to measure humidity and an integrated electronic circuit to perform all relative conversions. This method of Relative Humidity measurement assures a quick and accurate reading. With a complete measurement range of 10% to 90% RH and an accuracy of 3% across the entire range, HYGROCHECK is the most complete and versatile pocket-sized hygrometer available.
Most hygrometers on the market today are too large or heavy to be carried around together with other instruments for on-the-spot testing. The pocket-sized HYGROCHECK is only 180 x 30 x 15 mm and weighs just 62 grams. This compact, rugged unit will slip right into your pocket and can be carried anywhere.
The housing is constructed of durable ABS material and the LCD is protected by a transparent plastic cover. The LCD display can be read from any angle. Also, a vented cap protects the sensor while allowing maximum airflow for rapid response.
Unlike an ordinary hygrometer, HYGROCHECK performs all relative conversions electronically.
EHI98601 is supplied with batteries, soft carrying case and instructions.

Specifications and manual for EHI98601

Hygrometer with calibration data logging

EHI9564 and EHI9565 are two new portable thermo-hygrometers designed to provide excellent performance in harsh environments and poorly lit areas.
A microchip built into the RH probe, HI 70602, can store calibration data. When the probe is connected to another hygrometer, the microchip transfers the stored calibration data and eliminates the need to recalibrate the instrument.
Both instruments feature auto-off after 20 minutes of inactivity, temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and on-line help to indicate anomalies and direct procedures.
In addition to RH and temperature, EHI9565 will display the dew point with the press of a button. The dew point indicates the presence of water vapour in the air at a given temperature. With this feature EHI9565 permits useful and rapid environmental monitoring where a controlled microclimate is necessary, like greenhouses, museums, clean rooms and laboratories.
Both hygrometers are supplied with HI 70602 RH probe, battery, blue protective case and instructions.

Specifications and manual for EHI9564
Specifications and manual for EHI9565

Hygrometer with calibration data logging RH probe
Hygrometer with calibration data logging, dewpoint
Multi-range light meter

EHI97500 is a portable lux meter designed to perform light measurements with ease. The light sensor is connected to the meter through a coaxial cable, allowing measurements from a distance without any interference from the operator.
By simply pressing the RANGE key, it is possible to switch among three ranges and choose the best resolution according to the environment to be tested. The meter has a rugged and water-resistant body for outdoor use.
The 9V battery and automatic shut-off feature guarantee about 200 hours of operation.
EHI97500 is supplied with battery, protective case and instructions.

Specifications and manual for EHI97500

Light meter, multi-range
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