Syringe pump
Syringe pump
Symax Control Software
Symax Control Software

The Spetec syringe pump is used for metering fluids in the microliter and nanoliter range.

Its core components consist of the stepper motor drive, high-precision carriage, adjustable syringe holder, and replaceable syringe. Thanks to the high resolution of 25,600 steps per revolution, individual steps during the movement sequence are barely perceptible.

Both disposable and metal-free precision syringes of any required volume can be used. The smallest volume that can be delivered on each individual pulse when standard
syringes are used is 4 picoliters. Depending on the size and diameter of the employed syringe, the total amount delivered per minute can be adjusted between 5nl and


  • Unrestricted choice of syringes thanks to adjustable syringe holder
  • Custom syringes available on request
  • Gearless stepper motor drive
  • Control via PC software
  • Automatic filling cycle (switched using controlled 3-way valve)
  • Individual control of multiple pumps
  • USB-RS485 interface
  • LED status display


  • Metering of microvolumes
  • Long-term trials
  • Extremely high-precision filling of fluids
  • Horizontal and vertical operation possible


  • Software-controlled 3-way valve for switching between filling and metering with current reduction for minimized heat generation
  • Foot switch for starting metering operation

PC software

  • Individual settings, can be saved if required
  • Metering of defined volumes per unit of time
  • Specification of absolute quantities and metering via trigger signal or foot switch
  • Freely selectable metering speed
  • Calculation of volumes for individual syringes
  • Display of syringe volume and remaining volume
  • Manual start/stop/fill
  • Movement to reference position
  • Feedback signal on termination of metering
  • Languages: German, English


  • Capable of interfacing with any USB port; System requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Open protocol for machine operation on request
  • RS485 interface for machine control
  • Three trigger inputs for predefined setups (start/stop/fill)
  • One output (status:pump operating)
  • LabView interface for creation of custom GUIs


  • Individually configurable syringe set
  • Specification of individual flows for metering and filling operations
  • Continuous metering during a specified period (continuous flow)
  • Configuration of one-shot fluid delivery (absolute quantity)
  • Automatic repeat cycle with individually defined rest time and repetition rate settings
  • Individual setting of syringe fill level
  • Adaptable configuration of solenoid valve
  • Up to 6 pumps can be operated and configured from the same user interface
  • Manual control window for the manual transport of the syringe to the required position (bleeding of syringe)
  • Software and firmware updates via Internet


Dimensions LxWxH (without syringe holder)270 x 95 x 85mm
Maximum stroke91.5mm
Minimum feed rate0.248nm/s
Maximum feed rate1.24mm/s
Smallest step resolution0.0248 μm of feed
Transverse force100N at 0.0254mm/s
ExtendableUp to six individually controllable channels per group; two groups can be operated from one PC

Anodized aluminum

Powder-coated stainless steel
Fluorinated rubber (support for syringes)

Adjustable syringe holderPermitted syringe diameters from 9 mm to 34 mm
Electrical Data 
Power supply Input100-240V / 50-60Hz
Output24V / 2.8A
Power consumption per pumpStandby current: 210mA
Operating current420mA
Data interfacesRS485 / USB
LabViewLLB ready for integration in user's own system
Operating Conditions 
Temperature range10 to 40°C
Relative humidity20% to 80%, non-condensing
Suitable mediaaqueous, acidic and alkaline media

Connecting set consist of:

  • Power supply
  • USB Interface
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD
  • User manual

Controls: PC-Software, external trigger signal, e.g. foot switch and integrated network


10-0010 Polypropylene syringe, 50 ml
10-0011 Polypropylene syringe, 5ml
10-0013 PTFE syringe luer 10ml
10-0015 Glass syringe luer, 1ml
10-0016 Glass syringe luer, 5ml
10-0017 Glass syringe luer, 10ml
10-0018 Glass syringe luer, 20ml
10-0019 Glass syringe luer, 30ml

10-0020 Glass syringe luer, 50ml

Sets of tubing

10-0082 PTFE set of tubing
10-0081 PVC set of tubing
10-0080 3-way-valve set
10-0060 Electrical connection kit
10-0050 Foot switch
10-0061 Connecting cable, 1m
10-0062 OEM network cable, 2m
10-0063 OEM trigger cable, 2m

Syringe pump accessories
Symax syringe pump, adjustable syringe holder & electrical connection kit
Symax syringe pump, additional channel, incl. adjustable syringe holder
Peristaltic pump
Peristaltic pump

The Perimax peristaltic pump is used in all branches of analytical and preparative chemistry, and in production systems:

  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Biotechnology, bioanalytical chemistry
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Column chromatography
  • ICP and AA instrumentation
  • Liquid transfer, dosing and mixing

Drive Unit

Identical drive units are employed in the Perimax 12 and Perimax 16 pumps, which differ only in the pump head. A stepper motor ensures a highly uniform flow rate.
Remote Control
peed and direction can be externally controlled via the connector on the back. (analog: 0‐5V Vdc)
The Perimax 12 / 16 is very simple to operate. The pump tubing is placed around the pump head and secured at each end in a tubing retainer. Pressure against the tubing in each channel is adjusted with a fine screw on the pressure lever. Function keys are provided for ON / OFF and RIGHT / LEFT rotation. The rotational speed of the pump head is continuously variable via a 10‐turn potentiometer. The digital indicator (0 ‐ 999) ensures a reproducible speed setting and, therefore, a precise flow rate. A high‐speed key provides for brief operation at maximum speed, for example, to obtain fast flushing of the tubing‐ out of the tubing when changing to another liquid.
Sets of pre‐assembled pump tubes in pairs with a Y connector and retaining clips are also available. One hose of the pair is run around 8 rollers of a half channel, the other hose of the pair around the 8 phaseoffset rollers of the other half channel.

Pump head

The pump head consists of 12 rolls and a simple and functional tightening mechanism. It can be expanded up to 6 channels, so that at the same time up to 6 tubes (with different sizes) can be clamped. By selecting different tubing diameters, the liquids are transported each with different flow rates. The pump head can be removed with little effort and put on again, depending on which side of the device removed and the liquid to be fed again rotated by 90°.

Funding stability

The drive motor is equipped with a pulse disc and a light barrier. Characterized in the case of the rotational speed parameter changes in the roller head is held exactly at the predetermined value. This arrangement ensures an extremely precise and reproducible adjustment of the liquid feed rate.


Pump head rollers1216
flow rate continuously
adjustable from
0.0017 mL / min to 20 mL / min0.0034 mL / min ‐ 40 mL /min
Speed range33 rpm
Electrical connection110‐230VAC at 50/60 Hz, 70 W
Weight4 ‐ 5 kg
PERIMAX® peristaltic pump, 12 pump head rollers, 1 channel
PERIMAX® peristaltic pump, 12 pump head rollers, 2 channel
PERIMAX® peristaltic pump, 12 pump head rollers, 4 channel
PERIMAX® peristaltic pump, 12 pump head rollers, 6 channel

Tubing in any configuration of different diameter and quality with 1, 2 or 3 bridges is available by the meter. If special sizes including non-standard distances are needed, SPETEC can also supply these too at an attractive price.

PVC – standard
PU longlife – solvent resistant
Fluoro rubber – acid resistant flex (comparable to Viton)
Santoprene® – TPE-Tubing comparable with Mediprene and Pharmed

See our Tubing PDF

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