Scale reticle, S7 England finder counting

The England Finder is a glass microscope slide with a uniquely indexed grid pattern that allows individual areas of interest to be referenced. All England Finders produced by Pyser-SGI over the last 40 years are identical. The purpose of the slide is to give microscopists an easy method of recording the position of a particular area of interest, so that the same position can be re-located at a later date, or by another person in another laboratory, or when using an England Finder in another microscope.

The location of the positioning arrows is identical for all England Finder slides. The method of use is as follows: Mark a label on the left hand side of the specimen slide, indicating the orientation to be repeated. Locate any area of interest on the slide then, without moving the stage, replace the specimen slide with the England Finder, the feature of interest can then be identified and noted from the index pattern. The area of interest can then be relocated at any time using the reverse of this procedure.

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