Carbon graphite fibre cord, premium

For carbon coating, these do not evaporate from a point and hence give more uniform coatings. Thickness may be changed by using one or several strings/yarns. Cord gives thicker coatings and is more suitable for dispersive analyses and self-supporting carbon films. Coatings produced using only a rotary vane pump are grainy at high resolution, but they are satisfactory for conventional SEM and microanalyses.

Note on Carbon Fibre:
As a guide, one length of carbon fibre will give approximately 10nm, and two lengths 20nm.
To use, twist the carbon fibre lightly together and place between the sprung electrodes, trimming any surplus.
V004 and V005 are higher in carbon versus graphite, V006 has more graphite, which changes evaporation parameters as would its greater density.

Approximate measurements:
V004 - width 2mm, thickness 0.1mm; 0.21g/m
V005 - ~3mm diameter; 1.26g/m

V006 - ~3mm diameter, but denser weave than V005; 2.17g/m

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V005-10 Carbon graphite fibre cord, premium Standard 10m 4 weeks AU $411.00