Stage micrometer, 1 x 0.01mm, budget

The dual circle with the scale centred in the inner circle is made from evaporated chromium. It is uncovered and therefore useable for reflected and transmitted light. If used to calibrate an oil immersion objective, it is preferable to mount a small circular cover slip on the stage micrometer slide.

We have tested the scale and it seems to be accurate to better than one percent; we cannot get it certified.

Clearly, accuracy is better than required for most biological applications and because of its low price, this calibration slide is suitable for school or university class exercises calibrating compound microscopes.

The scale divisions are 0.01mm and the total scale is 1mm long.

Code Title Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-01-2022
S81K Stage micrometer, 1 x 0.01mm, budget Glass each In Stock AU $21.00
S81K-X Stage micrometer, 1 x 0.01mm, budget Metal - Cross each 4 weeks AU $75.00