TEST Tweezers - Styles and Types Guide for Dumont Tweezers

Dumont tweezers come in a variety of styles (tip size) and types (tip shapes) to suit most applications.

Style Description Tip Design and Profile Tweezers
Style 0 Geneva pattern, thin tips
Style 00 Geneva pattern, strong tips, heavy body Style 00
Style 00C Geneva pattern, strong tips, short shanks Style 00C
Geneva pattern, strong tips, thick body
Style 0A Thin tips Style 0A
Style 0C100 Geneva pattern Style 0C100
Style 0C90 Geneva pattern, short Style 0C90
Style 1 Strong tips
Style 1
Style 1AM Strong tips, popular in watch-making Style 1AM
Style 1L Strong, flat round tips with inside chamfer Style 1L
Style 2 Strong long tips
Style 2A Flat rounded tips Style 2A
Style 2AM Strong tips with bevel Style 2AM
Style 2L Special tips, mirror finished inside Style 2L
Style 3 Thin tips Style 3
Style 3AM Thin tips Style 3AM
Style 3C Type 3 short, thin tips Style 3C
Style 4 Very thin tips, stronger than type 5 Style 4
Style 5 Super thin tips Style 5
Style 10B For curving centre of hairsprings Style 10B
Style 11 Strong tips, to manipulate delicate parts Style 11
Style 27 Thin tips Style 27
Style 55 Type 5, light shanks, very thin tips for hairsprings Style 55
Style 60/3 To bend thin copper wires. Style 60/3
Style A Strong tips Style A
Style AA Strong tips Style AA
Style AC Type A, short Style AC
Style F Wide square tips for clock hands Style F
Style H Triangle tips, short shanks Style H
Style P Strong tips Style P
Style PP Strong tips Style PP
Style S Thin tips Style S
Style S5 Long popular tweezers to manipulate delicate parts Style S5
Style SS135 Long narrow shanks, thin tips Style SS135
Style SS140 Long narrow shanks, thin tips Style SS140
Style 5/15 Thin tips, bent 15 degrees for hairsprings Style 5/15
Style 5/45 Thin tips, bent 45 degrees for hairsprings Style 5/45
Style 5/90 Thin tips, bent 90 degrees for hairsprings Style 5/90
Style 5A Oblique tips for working under the microscope Style 5A
Style 6 Thin hooked tips Style 6
Style 7 Curved and thin tips Style 7
Style 7A Curved strong tips Style 7A
Style 7B Curved tips with inside serrations Style 7B
Style 15AP For cutting various copper wires, parallel cutting edges Style 15AP
Style N0C Type 0 short, thin tips Style N0C
Style N1 Type 1, strong tips Style N1
Style N2 Type 2, long strong tips Style N2
Style N2A Type 2A, round tips Style N2A
Style N3 Type 3, thin tips Style N3
Style N5 Type 5, super thin tips Style N5
Style N5A Type 5A, super thin oblique tips Style N5A
Style N0 Type 0, thin tips Style N0
Style N3C Type 3 short, thin tips Style N3C
Style N4 Type 4, very thin tips Style N4
Style NAA Type AA, strong tips Style NAA
Style NPP Type PP, strong tips Style NPP


Type Codes

AC: Anti-capillary tip tweezers, only available in biological grade. These tweezers defy capillary action and they are favoured by some users for "staining" operations. They delicate and easily damaged.

L: Tweezers with clamping ring for holding objects in place.

N: Designed to be self-closing.

STD: Designed for static-dissipative handling.

ESD: Grips made to minimise electrostatic discharge (ESD), generally made of vulcanised nitrile rubber or epoxy-coated.