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3M Novec contact cleaner (DG)

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3M™ Novec™ contact cleaner effectively removes light oils, greases, silicones, dust and particulates from sensitive electrical equipment, including connectors, printed circuit boards, electro-mechanical devices, scales, contacts, relays, switches, instrumentation and circuit breakers. Novec™ Contact Cleaner is compatible with plastics and other materials of construction. Based on proprietary 3M™ solvent technology, it is non-flammable, non-ozone depleting and contains no HCFC's, HFC's, nPB or HAPs. 3M™ Novec™ contact cleaner combines fast, effective cleaning performance with an excellent safety and environmental profile. Designed for a variety of assembly level and field maintenance cleaning tasks, Novec™ contact cleaner uses an

advanced 3M™ solvent technology that offers a number of significant advantages over many conventional spray cleaners.

For final cleaning of important optical components we recommend 3M™ Novec™ Contact Cleaner. This material was originally developed to clean electrical contacts, particularly in low voltage connection. It is now used as the best final cleaner for fibre optical joints as it dissolves many contaminants; it is non-flammable and does not harm most plastics. Best of all, it leaves absolutely no trace on optical surfaces, which makes it superbly suited for cleaning high voltage insulators, the ends of light conducting rods and fibres, lenses, prisms and front coated optical mirrors.


  • Fast drying, low odour

  • Excellent plastics compatibility

  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive - ideal for electrical or energised components

  • Streak free - No rinsing and no residue

  • Non-chlorinated

  • Low in toxicity

  • Non-flammable

  • Favourable environmental profile

  • No HCFCs, HFCs, nPB, or HAPs

  • Over 95% active solvent

  • Exempt from the U.S. EPA's volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations

NOVEC™ contact cleaner also features an excellent environmental profile. The product is non-ozone depleting, is exempt from the U.S. EPA's and most state and district definitions of a volatile organic compound (VOC) and contains no nPB or HAPS. It is based on a sustainable technology and offers an alternative for cleaners containing HCFC-141b or HCFC-225.

  • Removes particulates, oils, light grease, silicones, dust and other soils from connector end faces

  • Quick drying and non-corrosive

  • Safe for plastics and metals

The photos below compare identical connectors that were wiped with isopropanol (IPA) and Novec™ Contact Cleaner. The Novec™ Contact Cleaner does not leave residual contamination on the surface that can affect fibre optic circuit performance.

Ceramic Connector Cleaned with IPA
Ceramic Connector Cleaned with Novec Contact Cleaner
Ceramic Connector Cleaned with IPA
Ceramic Connector Cleaned with NOVEC Contact Cleaner
MT Connector Cleaned with IPA
MT Connector Cleaned with Novec Contact Cleaner
MT Connector Cleaned with IPA
MT Connector Cleaned with NOVEC Contact Cleaner

Small clean-room swabs for biomedical or technical sampling, speck and fibre-optic connector cleaning are also available on the website. 

3M Novec Contact Cleaner for Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning [PDF]


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