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GL105  ACLAR plastic film, 0.198mm thickness, 203 x 318mm, pk/10

See Kingsley (3) for an explanation of these points:

  • separates easily from epoxy
  • transparent fluorinated-chlorinated thermoplastic without volatile components
  • chemically inert for all practical purposes
  • cells adhere to it readily and remain attached after fixation, dehydration and critical point drying or embedding
  • accepts heavy metal sputter coating
  • stable in SEM; melting point 202 deg. C
  • ACLAR is as transparent as glass
  • fluorescence microscopy possible since ACLAR exhibits no detectable auto fluorescence
  • can be sectioned without damaging ultramicrotomy knives
  • considerably simplifies the preparation of cultured cells for all types of microscopy
  • sterilisable
  • gives flat sections
  • smooth surface makes LM observations possible
  • does not degrade under UV or gamma ray radiation
  • used as an O2 barrier when flat embedding methacrylate or acrylic resins

Description and Ordering of ACLAR Film
The 1968 paper by E.B. Masurovsky (1) and R.P. Bunge was the first to describe and clearly demonstrate the useful chemical and physical properties of ACLAR for both tissue culture and electron microscopy. It was first used in the space program and its properties were found to be valuable for biomedical research (personal communication, Dr. E. Masurovsky). Subsequent work, especially by Mawe (2), et al and the comprehensive ACLAR study by Kingsley and Cole (3) developed ACLAR's applications.
Because of its chemical inertness, non-stick property, glass clarity, flexibility and smooth surface ACLAR solves several problems in the processing of tissue culture cells during their epoxy embedding, sectioning and study.
ACLAR may be cut with scissors or blades and does not damage microtomy knives. It is unsurpassed as a moisture barrier, it is transparent to UV and is plasticiser and stabiliser free. It is nonflammable, non-ageing and has a low dielectric constant and dissipation. It is high in dielectric strength. ACLAR can be sterilised.
Fresh material may be cut on a vibrating tissue slicer, treated with HRP and then placed on ACLAR cut into a slide shape; observed under LM and if satisfactory the process for TEM may be completed.


Chemical Resistance Data

Thickness 0.198mm
Clarity Clear
Water absorption Nil
Dimensional change (30 min. at 93 deg. C) <2%
Crystalline Melting point 202 - 204 deg. C
Flammability Non-flammable


Chemical Resistance Data

Acetone No effect
100% Ethyl alcohol No effect
Liquid Nitrogen Remains flexible
Osmium Tetroxide No effect
Propylene oxide No effect

References, ACLAR Film

  1. Masurovsky EB, Bunge RP: Cover slips for long-term nerve tissue culture. Stain Technology, 43, 3, 161 - 165 (1968)
  2. Mawe GM, Bresnahan JC, Beattie, , MS: Ultrastructure of HRP-labelled neurons: a comparison of two sensitive techniques. Brain Research Bulletin, 10, 551 (1983)
  3. Kingsley RE, Cole NL: Preparation of cultured mammalian cells for transmission and scanning electron microscopy using Aclar film. J of Electron Microscopy Technique, 10, 77-85 (1988)

ACLAR is supplied in packets of ten sheets.
An 11mm disk punch is available.


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