Air-O-Cell cassette

This is a distinctive cassette sampling air specially designed for rapid collection of various airborne aerosols such as moulds, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibre (for example, asbestos, fibres of fibre glass, cellulose, garment fibres, etc.) and organic particulates, for example ceramic, fly ash, toner, etc. The Air-O-Cell collects both viable and non-viable specimens, offering a much comprehensive analysis than traditional sampling techniques of the potential allergens and the pollutants.

The cassettes are sent to a laboratory when sampling is finalised, where slides are removed and microscopic analyses can be done completed immediately. The collection media is compatible with various range of biological stains and refractive index oils, enabling for direct quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic particulate matter.

The Air-O-Cell could be used with any standard off-the-shelf sampling pump capable of generating 15 LPM of open flow. The small , compact size makes Air-O-Cell appropriate to be used in confined or prohibitive areas.

Technical data sheet

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 21-05-2022
EMS65210-10 Air-O-Cell cassette Pack/10 2 weeks AU $150.00
EMS65210-50 Air-O-Cell cassette Pack/50 2 weeks AU $477.00