Amino Superparamagnetic Particles

The SPHERO Magnetic Particles are relatively uniform in size, spherical in shape and paramagnetic in nature. The paramagnetic nature of the particles allows them to be separated using a magnet and resuspend easily when removed from the magnet. They do not retain any significant magnetism even after repeat exposure to strong magnetic fields.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-07-2022
QAM-025-10H Amino Superparamagnetic Particles 0.1-0.39 um, 1.0% w/v 10 mL 4 weeks AU $419.00
QAM-05-10H Amino Superparamagnetic Particles 0.4-0.69 um, 1.0% w/v 10 mL 4 weeks AU $435.00