Burette clamp, double

Burette clamp is a piece of scientific equipment which is used specifically to hold and secure a burette.  The burette is then fixed and is easier to use for the experiment. Usually burette clamps come in doubles, which means they can hold two burettes.

To use a burette clamp, you should fix the burette on a stand, squeeze the handle, and the knobs will separate from each other. The burette clamp will then be put between the knobs. The rubber knobs are typically soft and sticky so the burettes are not likely to break or slip during the experiment.

These double burette camps are available in two styles:

T711 - Economy style double burette clamp holds two burettes in self-closing jaws.

T712 - Accommodates a burette at both ends. Holds gently without blocking markings on burettes

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-07-2022
T711-DWS Burette clamp, double Economy pack/2 In Stock AU $22.00
T712-DWS Burette clamp, double Premium each In Stock AU $27.00