Capillary tubes, 75mm

These high quality micro-haematocrit tubes conform to ISO 12772 and are supplied colour-coded blue for plain, or red for sodium heparinised. Tubes are fire polished to reduce wear on the centrifuge seals. Uniform heparinisation assured.
Packaged in dispenser of 100 tubes for hygienic, easy handling, or a box of 10 dispensers.
Outside diameter = 1.55mm, inside diameter = 1.15mm

The sell unit is 2 dispensers and the discount is for 5 x 2 dispensers.

We also sell haematocrit centrifuges.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 26-06-2022
H150 Capillary tubes, 75mm plain (blue) 2 disp (200 tubes) In Stock AU $20.00
H152 Capillary tubes, 75mm heparinised (red) 2 disp (200 tubes) In Stock AU $32.00