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This freezing microtome, also known as a cryotome, is designed for the optimal production of cryo-sections from most animal and plant tissues. Most frequent use is by pathology laboratories, but also many research facilities require a cryostat.

This automated cryotome has a UV source which is used for 35 minutes to sterilise the instrument and specimen off-cuts. Another special feature is the capability to operate different parts of the instrument at varying temperatures. This facilitates sectioning and especially reduces ice crystal condensation on specimen and knife by using a lower temperature on surrounding parts.

The equipment contains the following main components:

  • Some of the panels are under computer control; showing temperature and working conditions.
  • The middle of the unit contains to the low-temperature unit for quick freezing of biopsy tissue and section cutting operations
  • The lower part of the unit holds the refrigeration compressor unit
  • Behind the low-temperature unit holds the mechanical drive and motor drive units.


  • Control System: automatic temperature is computer-controlled. The LCD displays three temperatures. Shown are the working conditions of all hardware, including compressor A, compressor B, lighting, UV, defrost and advance and withdrawal of the motor, freezing of the table and the knife. The instrument has a count-down display when the compressor is started.
  • Four freezing points: the dual-compressor control system has four thermostat control points - the head, knife, table and box. The head can be set to different sectioning temperatures.
  • Freezing speed: there is no need to pre-cool, the instrument can get into freezing mode after only 10 min from start up. It can be switched off after finishing work to save power.
  • Operating temperature: The cryostat sections well without using very low temperatures. This saves energy and time and also reduces ice crystal condensation. A hard matrix achieved by a lower temperature may be required for hard specimens.
  • System protection: The rapid freezing system can be switched off manually at any time. After working 8 hours, the rapid freezing system will switch off automatically.
  • Defrosting system: it has automatic and manual defrosting functions and 1) defrosting time interval; 2) defrosting time; 3) manual defrosting may be set. These settings may be varied according to ambient temperature. The defrosting function can be switched off any time; the instrument will change to freezing mode after the defrosting function is switched off.
  • Mechanical design: The instrument's mechanical construction is superlative . The use of roller bearingsmakes the instrument very stable in the vertical plane. The mechanism is enclosed and maintenance-free. Mechanical performance is excellent for the production of uniform flat and stable section; a fine anti-curling function is provided.
  • Sterilisation: This cryostat has a UV disinfection function, and the freezing box is designed for easy cleaning of sectioning debris.
  • Tissue endothermic device: It can freeze tissue rapidly using the freezing table.
  • The big freezing table is suitable for hospitals.
  • Steel knives and disposable blade holders are interchangeable.
  • Thin or thick sections can be prepared outside the box.
  • Knife movements control advance, retraction and sectioning speeds.


  • Section thickness range: 1μm to 80μm
    • Increments of 1μm from 1μm to 20μm
    • Increments of 2μm from 20μm to 40μm
    • Increments of 5μm from 40μm to 80μm
  • Trimming thickness range: 10μm to 400μm adjustable
    • Increments of 5μm from 10μm to 50μm
    • Increments of 10μm from 50μm to 100μm
    • Increments of 50μm from 100μm to 400μm
  • Minimum division value of section: 1μm
  • Vertical movement of head: 60mm
  • Horizontal movement of head: 20mm
  • Rough feeding speed: 0.7mm/s or 0.35mm/s
  • Working time: Rapid freezing system switches off automatically after 8 hours
  • Maximum specimen size: 35 x 35mm
  • Angle adjustment of section knife: 0 deg. - 10 deg.
  • Temperature range:
    • Freezing chamber: -30 deg. C to -10 deg. C
    • Time freezing shelf to reach -30 deg. C: 60 minutes
    • Freezing shelf minimum temperature: -45 deg. C
    • Minimum temperature of heat extractor on freezing shelf: -55 deg. C
    • Heat extractor working time: 15 minutes
  • Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 650W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 660 x 640 x 1130mm
  • Weight: 125 kg
  • Working noise: 65dB (A)


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