Data transmitter for UPM calipers and indicators - DWS

This USB plugin device self-installs on the computer and recorded data may be filed or transferred to a data sheet. The control unit includes a slider on the side of the box to move the cell right, down or remain in the same location. Another slider selects precision between 0.01 and 0.001mm records the micrometer's reading and a beeper verifies success. The beeper may be disabled by a switch after opening the box' panel. A foot switch jack is provided if very many data points require recording.

Work/storage environment: 0-40 deg. C.

Computer system: Window 98 SE, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7and8.

Computer connector: standard USB port, wire length 2m.

Measuring tool connector: standard 2.5mm ? four contact plug; "D/C/V/G" corresponding "Data/Clock/Vdd/Get", wire length 1.8m.

Foot switch jack: standard 2.5mm ?  for a two-contact jack.

Net weight/gross weight - 100g/400g.

Data Transmitter interfaces with calipers and indicators; it is not suitable for micrometers.

Supplied with user manual.

Open end user software (any literal software which can be entered via keyboard), such as Excel, Word, TXT, etc.

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