Diamond dissecting knife

DIATOME has recently begun developing diamond knives for us to use in microsurgery, dissection, and related applications. The knives are of the same high quality to which DIATOME clients are used.

Unique designs paired with DIATOME's expertise in diamond technology and manufacturing ensure you get the greatest quality knife and may use it for a long time.

Free hand Diamond Knife
Characteristics and Specifications:

* Our razor-sharp blade slices with minimal force, without ripping or damaging the sample, and lowers the likelihood of specimen deformity.
* With our UNIQUE PRESSURE MECHANISM, you may operate the blade with with one hand.
* The handle is made of titanium and is coated by high vacuum with titanium nitride to harden the surface.
* The knife is corrosion free and is completely resistant to saline solutions.
* It can be sterilized in an autoclave up to 200°C.
* Special tray for sterilization is available
* If your diamond is damaged or broken, we can resharpen it or replace it and guarantee that the repaired knife will be of the same standards of perfection as the original.

Code Title Style Thickness Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-06-2022
EMS72024 Diamond dissecting knife M-angled 0.50mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS72025 Diamond dissecting knife M-M-mini angled 0.20mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS72026 Diamond dissecting knife L lancet 0.50mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS72027 Diamond dissecting knife M-L mini lancet 0.20mm Each 4 weeks AU $1,916.00
EMS72029 Diamond dissecting knife M-DL mini double lancet 0.20mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS72030 Diamond dissecting knife DS-Tri facet 0.50mm Each 4 weeks AU $1,916.00
EMS72031 Diamond dissecting knife M-DS mini tri facet 0.20mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS72032 Diamond dissecting knife R-round 0.30mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote
EMS72033 Diamond dissecting knife HR-S half round 0.20mm Each 4 weeks Quote only Quote