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Diamond sharpening stone

This revolutionary heat treatment method, which attaches the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy to a finely matched metal surface, has been replicated but never reproduced.

Our stone, which is set on a walnut platform with a cover, is available in three grades: 

F-fine grit (600), 

M-medium grit (270), and 

C-coarse grit (180). 

The size of the stone is (51x152mm)

Code Title Grade Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-07-2022
EMS62082-50 Diamond sharpening stone Fine Each 2 weeks AU $99.00
EMS62082-51 Diamond sharpening stone Medium Each 2 weeks AU $113.00
EMS62082-52 Diamond sharpening stone Course Each 2 weeks AU $125.00