Film thickness monitor crystal


These FTM crystals are used to determine the thickness of material deposited and may be used to terminate coating at a pre-set thickness.
The quartz crystal is placed in the vacuum work chamber. One face of the crystal is exposed towards the deposition source so that as material is deposited it will coat the crystal. The crystal is connected via a vacuum feed through to external components, the system functions as an oscillator, whose output is controlled by the frequency of crystal oscillation. As material is deposited on the crystal, so its frequency is modified.

Crystals may be cleaned and reused many times.


  • KC5460 - This quartz crystal is for the KQ series
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KC5460 Film thickness monitor crystal for KQ150 series each 3 in stock AU $313.00
KC5450 Film thickness monitor crystal For old K series coaters (Same as KC5464) each In Stock AU $134.00
KC5464 Film thickness monitor crystal for EMITECH each 2 in stock Quote only Quote