Fine scissors, tungsten carbide

Fine tungsten carbide scissors with sharp/sharp pointed tip available in two different blade sizes.

Tungsten carbide instruments are made of stainless steel with a layer of tungsten carbide bonded to the working surface. TC, next to diamond, is the hardest material, making it suitable for cutting and frequent grabbing of hard materials. TC instruments are very durable and can be used for frequent cutting and handling of hard substances without wear of the working surfaces. The handles are coated with a thin layer of gold to differentiate these from non-TC instruments.

Code Title Length Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-07-2022
TC137-90 Fine scissors, tungsten carbide 100mm, Blade 27mm Each In Stock AU $21.00
TC138-90 Fine scissors, tungsten carbide 95mm, Blade 18mm Each In Stock AU $21.00