Fuses are a safety device to protect an instrument from high currents. Frequently a burned out fuse indicates an internal problem. The strength of fuses is important; replacement fuses must match the manufacturer's recommendation. Strength of fuses is usually expressed in Amperes (A or Amps). Watt/volts = Amps. For a fuse W or V do not matter as a single figure, this needs to be in Amps.

Some fuses are designed for "fast blow" and others "slow blow". They will carry the letters F or S. Slow allows for short overcapacity for instruments which require more power during start-up. Fast is used where a fast action fuse is required to quickly protect a circuit from overvoltage.

OFF250-2 is suitable for OXJP300/ 2

Code Title Volt Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-07-2022
OFF250-2 Fuse 250V/2AL fast blow pack/4 In Stock AU $10.00
OFF250-3 Fuse 250V/3AL fast blow pack/4 2 in stock AU $10.00