Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG)

Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution is vacuum distilled, free from polymer and other contaminants. Each lot has been tested and assayed. Polymers re-form depending on storage time and temperature. Available in bottles or in pre-scored, snap-open, easy break amber ampoules, sealed under nitrogen. Refrigerated its shelf life is about one year, or freeze to prolong shelf life substantially. An arbitrary storage guide: deep freeze last 5 years ; fridge freezer = 2 years. Fridge = 1 year, room temperature a week or two.Anhydrous glutaraldehyde (in acetone) is available, but it is a DG for shipping with a maximum shelf life of 6 months, refrigerated.Store refrigerated at (-18) to 4°CCAS # 111-30-8Safety Data Sheet 

Also available:
C001 and C002 Glutaraldehyde 25% solution SDS
C003 Glutaraldehyde 50% solution SDS
C00370 Glutaraldehyde 70% solution SDS
C003701 Glutaraldehyde - See SDS for C00370 (above).


As Glutaraldehyde (GA) at these concentrations is classified as Dangerous Goods (DG) for shipping, this item will automatically be sent by road transport.

Shipping by air now incurs a DG cost of AUD250 to 400 (please request quote). 

To avoid DG shipping fees, switch to prepared Paraformaldehyde (pure formalin, C004) as the primary fixative , or use prepared 3% GA in buffer (not a DG), if possible. 

More info on shipping Glutaraldehyde.

For road shipments, the challenge is to keep materials from reaching higher temperatures, and if only for a limited time. We use insulation and plenty of ice. This is intended to extend the shelf life of the product only - Glutaraldehyde at RT deteriorates slowly, and for fixation processes it does not matter if kept for several days at room temperature. The exceptions are immuno and histochemistry, in which case pure formalin is probably the better fixative.

We generally ship cold items on Mondays to reduce the number of days in transit.

Please choose the appropriate ice quantity to add you your order; extra ice may be needed for larger orders.

NT, WA, Tas - unsuited for shipping by road

3% GA already made up in buffer is available in 100mL bottles and that product can be shipped by air. See C008-B below.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-08-2022
EMS16110-1L Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG) 1000mL 2 weeks AU $395.00
EMS16100 Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG) 10mL ampoule 1 in stock AU $21.00
EMS16110 Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG) 100mL bottle 2 weeks AU $65.00
EMS16120 Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG) 10x10mL ampoules 2 weeks AU $76.00
EMS16121 Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG) 100x10mL ampoules 2 weeks AU $530.00
EMS16122 Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, 10% EM Grade (DG) 200x10mL ampoules 2 weeks AU $1,082.00