Microscope slides, grid indexed

These 25 x 76 mm microscope slides have an indexed grid on the reverse side of the frosted end. The ink is resistant to stains and common laboratory solvents. Each square grid fills one low-powered field (approximately 100x magnification), the well is 16 mm square and has 8 x 8 white-lined squares within. These slides make it easy to locate an organism or cell every time. The slides are available with coatings of poly-L-lysine or silane, or they can be purchased plain (uncoated). G361 has a white grid on the reverse side and a frontal black mask for containing aqueous material.

Packaged 72 slides/box.

Code Title Coating Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-08-2022
G360 Microscope slides, grid indexed Uncoated Pack/72 4 weeks AU $98.00
G361 Microscope slides, grid indexed Uncoated, white grid with black mask Pack/72 In Stock AU $98.00
G364 Microscope slides, grid indexed Silane Pack/72 In Stock AU $101.00