Microscope cover slips, haemacytometer

Knittel, German-made microscope haemacytometer cover slips, 0.42mm thickness are made of colourless borosilicate glass of hydrolytic class 1 (ISO 8255/1). Precision cutting without cords and blisters. The coverglass is thicker to decrease flex in the glass, flattened and polished to minimise depth variation that could affect accuracy of cell counts. Packed by 10 per plastic box (5 x 2 per cellophane bag) and by 100 per pack. Very fine glass particles are used to powder the surfaces of stacked cover slips to prevent sticking. 


  • SVHA2026 - 20 x 26mm

KNITTEL ultra-thin glass is produced by only two glass companies world-wide with patented down-draw-technology working with platinum orifices for getting blister-free and striae-free glass. Quality Control Systems allow for consistent ultra-thin glass foils, steady chemical composition, glass thickness and waviness.

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