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These cabinets provide a safe environment for working with hazardous substances. A variable speed fan draws air though a HEPA filter, ensuring hazardous materials are safely removed. The acrylic and stainless surfaces are smooth and can be thoroughly cleaned. The hinged hood tilts back to allow complete access for cleaning both the stainless base and the sides of the hood. Models OALSC-2 and OALSC-3 provide vibration isolation platforms which are recessed into the base plate, removing unwanted vibrations that limit the performance of instruments such as microscopes and analytical balances. Adjustable levelling feet ensure the table sits firmly on the floor. The hood front panel is made from a single piece of acrylic and easily lifts off, it has access ports for arms on both sides.

Airborne vibrations can occur from a wide range of sources examples include ; fans, ac units open windows, doors opening and closing and traffic. These vibrations disturb sensitive instruments such as microscopes and balances and limit their performance. The ALSC acoustic hood is made entirely from acrylic panels which can be thoroughly cleaned to meet the requirements of working with most types of materials. The use of interlocking clear acrylic panels gives complete visibility during operations , a major concern of many users

The smooth seamless table shape ensures thorough and easy cleaning removing risks such as cross contamination. The stainless steel versions feature pharma grade silicon steel with a very low Ra making them ideal for cleanrooms and as well as being resistant to almost all forms of biological and chemical attack.The frame is produced using tubular ERW steel which combines high rigidity with a closed profile that allows easy and thorough cleaning. Tilting levelling feet ensure it sits perfectly in contact with the floor.

Type Performance Surface Isolation Application
OALSC High Clear acrylic Balances and microscopes
OALSC-1 Standard Stainless 'Easy wipe' Surface General Purpose
OALSC-2 7Hz Area Stainless 7Hz Isolation Area Vibration Senistive Instruments
OALSC-3 2Hz Area Stainless 2Hz Isolation Area Ultra Sensitive Instruments


  • HEPA filter and variable speed fan provide safe working enviroment for handling hazardous materials for use when working with Class 1 materials
  • Smooth pharma grade stainless 0.3Ra and clear acrylic meets toughest cleanliness requirements.
  • Vibration isolation Area in OALSC-2 and -3 provides stable enviroment for sensitive instruments
  • A unique construction using interlocking clearpannels allowing operators complete visibility
  • Front panel with portholes for hand access, lifts off to allow easy cleaning of acrylic panels and stainless worktops
  • 750x750x600mm acoustic hood large enough for most balances and microscopes

OALSC-1 The standard lab cabinet features an acrylic hood with a back panel which supports a HEPA filter and fan unit. The hood rests on a flat stainless table and is hinged to the table top, so it can be easily tilted back to allow for thorough cleaning.

OALSC-2 The 7Hz isolation safety cabinet is the same as the above but incorporates an AMS-030x045 vibration isolation platform which sits flush with the surrounding table surface. This platform incorporates four 7Hz Sorbothane isolators and features a sound deadened core, which ensures it outperform simple granite and steel tables by up to 20dB in isolating unwanted vibrations from sensitive instruments such as analytical balances.

OALSC-3 The 2Hz air isolation safety cabinet incorporates an AMB-030x045 pneumatic platform. This platform incorporates four ultra low 2Hz natural frequency air isolators. These isolators will effectively isolate even the lowest cyclical vibrations that occur at frequencies as low as 6Hz and are ideal for very sensitive instruments such as 5 and 6 digit microbalances and performance microscopes.

OALSC This acoustic hood fits onto our standard OAMT-075x075, OAMD-SS or OAMD-AS tables. It is made from clear acrylic panels which allow excellent visibility and protects balances against acoustic disturbances such as drafts and noise. The OAMT-075x075 table has a pharma grade stainless steel worktop and a sturdy steel frame with levelling feet for stability. The OAMD-SS is a similar table but with an OAMS-030x045 platform built into a recess, the OAMD-AS is again a similar table but with a high performance air table built in.

The OALSC-1, OALSC-2 and OALSC-3 are Class 1 safety cabinets and have a HEPA filtration system on the rear panel. The OALSC-1 has no vibration isolation, whereas the OALSC-2 featurs the OAMD-SS table and the OALSC-3 has the OAMD-AS table. The OALSC is an acoustic hood, it measures 750x750x600mm and fits directly to the OAMD-SS and OAMD-AS tables.

HEPA filtration 99.997 percent at 0.3 micron
Fan Speed 0.3/sec, 0.5/sec
Isolation platform Solid Base OAMS-30x45 OAMB-30x45
Vibration Isolation Frequency Not Applicable 7Hz 2Hz
Isolator type Not Applicable Elastomomeric Air
Isolation platform size (mm) Not Applicable 300 x 450 300 x 450
Table dimensions(LxWxH) mm 750 x 750 x 725
Hood dimensions (LxWxH) mm 550 x 600 x 550
Table top thickness (mm) 20
Height range adjustable (mm) /- 25
Isolation platform size (mm) 300 x 450
Load capacity (kg) 25
Frame construction / Frame finish Box section steel / Epoxy powder, white
Bacterial resistance No growth
Fungal resistance No growth
Heat aging Stable
Certification LVD approval CE mark

240VAC 60W 50Hz

Additional Options Include: Steel Shelf / Castor Feet / Aluminium hood frame


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