Magnifiers, pre-focused

A series of simple magnifiers by the top Japanese manufacturer Peak. These are very handy for EM, photography, microelectronics, and other purposes.

The acrylic tube allows light to illuminate the subject and acts as a focus pre-set. No focal adjustment is required; simply set the fixed focus magnifier on the object. However, the acrylic tube may be partially unscrewed and this gives a focus adjustment if your sight requires that. The higher magnification units are optically more complex.

Both 15x and 22x model are of 3-element construction and cover a relatively wide field of view.

10x is a Kellner type magnifier, 2-elements, bright and good contrast are further attributes.
22x has an effective aperture of 12mm, net weight is 22g.

O4322 comes in a durable storage pouch.

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