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NHS Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, 18.0-24.9 um, 0.5% w/v

Spherotech particles can be used in different types of DNA/ RNA based assays, using different types of reporter molecules, such as molecular beacons and fluorescently labeled probes. These particles are suitable for attaching DNA/RNA/PNA or modified oligonucleotides easily on the surface, as capture probes. Our recent development of polystyrene-NHS particles (Cat. No. NHSP-200-5) will allow the attachment of any amine-linked biomolecule to the polystyrene surface, within 30 minutes. These particles are then ready for use in the assay development. Spherotech has developed low and high intensity fluorescent particles, and these can be used in DNA and immunoassays as probe substrates for target detection.has different types of silica microparticles for high yields of DNA/RNA isolation. Super magnetic amine-functionalized silica particles are good for isolating DNA/RNA from complex mixtures, using simple steps. Employing EDAC chemistry, these particles can be used for the immobilization of DNA/RNA/PNA on polystyrene and silica surfaces to capture the target from the mixture for detection.
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QNHSP-200-4 NHS Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, 18.0-24.9 um, 0.5% w/v 4 mL 4 weeks AU $677.00