Nichrome 80/20 wire, (0.0098) - DWS

Nichrome wire for inoculating and other loops for laboratory use. Nichrome wire is best known for high temperature resistance. It is difficult to bend but retains its shape.  The wire is nominally 80 Ni and 20 Cr with very minor impurities except for 0.5% Mn. Resistance over 300mm is 6.2 Ohm for the 0.25mm wire and 1.2 Ohm for the 0.6mm wire. 30 gauge/ 0.25mm and 0.6mm diameter. 

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VNICR-025 Nichrome 80/20 wire, (0.0098) - DWS 0.25mm diameter 15m In Stock AU $10.00 AU $20.00