Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) 10% aqueous solution (DG)

Formaldehyde 20%, 16%, 8%, and 4%, EM Grade prepared from paraformaldehyde

A more efficient and rapid penetrant fixative used in combination with Glutaraldehyde and Acrolein fixatives.

Formaldehyde solution prepared from paraformaldehyde (polymerised formaldehyde). This saves much effort as the laboratory prepared material must be used on the day it's made. The product is methanol free. An excellent, rapidly penetrating fixative. May be used in combination with glutaraldehyde and acrolein fixatives, and is frequently used as an alternative to glutaraldehyde. The solution is not affected by UV light and it is preferable to not refrigerate, until buffer is added. Excellent shelf-life of over two years. Useable until precipitate occurs. Easy to break, pre-scored, 10mL ampoules sealed under inert gas. 100mL bottles available.

Note: Below 10% concentration this item may be shipped as non-dangerous goods and can be taken in check-in luggage on aircraft.

Some people require litre bottles. These are available on order within 1 month at similar prices as the smaller volumes; they are not a stock item.

Other concentrations are available.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-01-2022
EMS15712 Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) 10% aqueous solution (DG) 10x10mL See above AU $93.00
EMS15712-S Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) 10% aqueous solution (DG) 100ml bottle See above AU $81.00