PELCO ColdSpot Plus for microwave tissue processing

The PELCO ColdSpot Plus is designed for microwave processing techniques that benefit from retained heat and higher solution temperatures. The unique construction of this PELCO ColdSpot is designed for the temperature requirements encountered during paraffin processing applications. The all-welded construction, combined with the solvent resistant and thermal properties of the plastic, make it the ideal choice when processing solution temperatures of 50 deg. C or higher are required. This new PELCO ColdSpot design provides control of the microwave environment (hot and cold spots) while meeting the demands presented during high temperature processing techniques.


Glass plate area W267mm x D286mm
Overall dimensions W267 x D356 x H105mm
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 12-08-2022
E36116-PLUS PELCO ColdSpot Plus for microwave tissue processing Each 2 weeks AU $1,291.00