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4G Platypus Jar Testers feature unique design elements:

Lightweight, durable body

Easy to clean, ABS corrosion resistant materials, Weight: 12kg.


Four independent stations with independent/sequential speed/time

settings for three (3) mix/flocculation stages.

Last RPM and TIME memory.

Actual paddle speed controlled by P+I controllers tied-back to

Hall Effect speed sensors.

Tactile, membrane style Decals

Keypads at each Jar station - to set mix/flocculation speed,

duration and control mode for each stage.

Status, mode selection and error LED indicators.

Warranty: 2 years

Reduced operational noise

Rubber power transmission belts at paddle shaft gearboxes.

Digital Displays

Each station includes a 14mm 3 digit numeric LED display for RPM set/actual speed readout and

a 14mm 4-digit clock LED display for stage time set/time elapsed.


Ice white backlighting to observe floc development, settling rates and supernatant clarity.

Square Jars

1L2 or 2L2 capacity options.

Square jar geometry for emulation of plant conditions.

Durable, clear polycarbonate material - easy to clean wall and floor corner fillets.

Anti-slip top lips for safe handling in wet environments.

Unique Paddles

Clip-on/off, easy-to deg. Clean radial and axial flow types offer a wide range

of mix/flocculation velocity gradients.

Jar Tester EMC and test certification

FCC Title 47, Part 15 Class B

AS/NZS CISPR 11 (C-tick)

EN 61326:2002 (emissions + immunity)

EN 61000 series (as applicable)

CE, UL (as applicable)

Unit dimensions (mm): 710 x 380 x 200

Description Unit

Platypus 4G Jar Tester without Jars 1 each

Platypus 4G Jar Tester with 4 x 1L2 Jars 1 each

Platypus 4G Jar Tester with 4 x 1L2 Jars, with sample taps 1 each

Platypus 4G Jar Tester with 4 x 2L2 Jars 1 each

Platypus 4G Jar Tester with 4 x 2L2 Jars, with sample taps 1 each

NOTE: Each 4G Jar Tester includes - 4 sets of the 4 clip on 'easy clean' polycarbonate paddle variants - Protective dust cover - Reliable power supply (US, UK, AU/NZ, Europe) - Operation and maintenance manual (hard copy + on-line) - Velocity gradient tables (various paddle types + water temperatures) - On-line coagulant and polymer 'stock solution calculator'.

Accessories and Replacement Components

Heavy Duty Carrying Case (black) with wheels, 4-Paddle Jar Tester 1 each

1L2 Floc Jar (polycarbonate - injection moulded) 1 each

1L2 Floc Jar (polycarbonate - injection moulded) - with sample taps 1 each

2L2 Floc Jar (polycarbonate - injection moulded) 1 each

2L2 Floc Jar (polycarbonate - injection moulded) - with sample taps 1 each

Paddles (easy clean polycarbonate) - per set of 4 x 4: different paddle types 1 each

Dust Cover replacement 1 each

** The Platypus 4G Jar Tester is conjunctively compatible with all Platypus Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Test Accessories - sold separately (Assembly Part No. 4GSAT).

Assess best practice design and management of DAF - with Platypus 4G DAF Test Accessories

DAF clarification process uses micro bubbles to attach and float flocculated and suspended particles, including slow settling colloids, algae, hydroxides, and turbidity generally - to a treatment plant's water surface for ultimate removal.

DAF Test Accessories are used in conjunction with standard Jar Testing - to assess and determine appropriate DAF process parameters including air saturation pressure, recycle rates, DAF treatability, float cohesion, appropriate polymers and appropriate flotation surface loading rates.

The above illustration depicts 4 x DAF Jars in place at a 4G Platypus Jar Tester, a distribution manifold with quarter turn isolating valves, a Saturator assembly and connection tubing.

Weight: 9 kg (20 lbs)

Prod. No.

333333 Platypus 4G DAF Test Accessories (4GSAT)


A static Saturator (pressure vessel) for the dissolution of air in the vessel's (water) contents;

Quick deg. Connectors for compressed air and Saturator outlet;

Air pressure regulator;

Fill funnel;

Fine bubble air diffuser;

Air bleed needle valve to diffuse air through the vessel's contents under pressure;

Manifold assembly to distribute air saturated water from the Saturator to DAF Jar(s) dispersers;

4 x  "DAF" Jars each with air saturated water dispersers, subnatant sample taps and connection tubing.

Prod. No.  Optional Accessories:

3333334 Heavy Duty Carry Case (4GSATCC) ;

3333335 Whisper quiet 32 dB(A) air compressor (4GCOMP).


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