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Porous Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked

Spherotech offers a wide range of crosslinked polystyrene particles. Non-uniform, uniform shape, and porous crosslinked polystyrene particles are manufactured at Spherotech. The low cost non-uniform particles are useful when particle shape does not matter. If a perfect spherical monosized polymer particle is needed, use the 0.5% DVB cross-linked polystyrene particles. Spherotech also provides uniform cross-linked polystyrene particles that are stable in the presence of organic solvents. Porous crosslinked beads will provide additional surface area. Futhermore, larger size uniform cross-linked polystyrene particles are also available.
Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 24-05-2022
QPPRXS-100-10 Porous Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked 8.0-12.9 um, 1% w/v 10mL 4 weeks AU $482.00
QPPRXS-50-10 Porous Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked 5.0-5.9 um, 1% w/v 10mL 4 weeks AU $482.00