Rodent brain matrices, Rat, 200-400G Dorsal-Ventral

Brain matrices, but only for animal brains, are designed for similar purposes as tissue matrices. They enable the researcher to cut into the brain at intervals of up to 1 mm either coronal (perpendicular to central line) or sagittal (parallel to midline) sections. In order to provide for reproducible sections every day, every year or among laboratories, all the brain matrices are identical and reliable.

Biochemical Pharmacology: reproductible removal for biochemical analysis, such as determination of neurotransmitters or metabolite concentrations, of small brain regions ( i.e. discrete terminal fields or nuclei). Divided or micro-punched brain areas may be dissected from individual slices.

Anatomy: Precise blocking of the brain prior to microtome sectioning.

Neurophysiology: Reproducible blocking of the brain prior to vibratome sectioning.

Technical data
Brain matrices are designed to allow for quick temperature balance, easy cleaning and sterilisation using high-grade zinc. The matrices are created to support the brains of rodents that are positioned ventral. At 1 mm and 0.3 mm width, the channels are cut precisely.  

Overall measurments:  69.8 x 69.8 x 38.1mm

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