Slide staining set, POM

These dishes and racks are made of resistant and strong POM. The rack takes 24 slides in an upright position and it is 85 x 32 x 63mm high. At the handling tab overall height is 90mm. The slots are 2mm wide.

The dish's internal dimensions are 95 x 40mm with a slight taper towards the bottom. Overall height is 96mm and the dish has a rim around the top making the outer dimensions 104 x 48mm.

The set comes with 12 grey slide staining dish, 2 slide staining racks, and a plastic housing. 

Choose complete set or individual components.  

Code Title Part Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-08-2022
H444-PH Slide staining set, POM Plastic housing only each In Stock AU $95.00
H444-D-GY-X Slide staining set, POM Dish only (grey) each In Stock AU $19.00
H444-R-X Slide staining set, POM Rack only each In Stock AU $13.00
H444-SET Slide staining set, POM Complete 288 slide set kit 4 weeks AU $400.00