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Microscope slides, soda glass, Starfrost, coated with Poly-L-Lysine or Silane to achieve extra strong adhesion of sections.. The glass is made to a new low iron, soda-lime glass formulation. Glass slides viewed side on are no longer green and difficult to tell apart from clear-white glass. Standard dimensions 26 x 76 x 1 mm.

G312P-G  Coated with poly-L-lysine, printed coloured end (Green).

G312P-W  Coated with poly-L-lysine, printed coloured end (White).

G312Si-W  Coated with silane, printed coloured end (White).

G312Si-Y  Coated with silane, printed coloured end (Yellow).

StarFrost super clean, microscope slides are available with three surface treatments to achieve extra strong adhesion of sections. After a thorough washing the hydrophilic slides are treated with an electrical plasma beam that vaporises all oils and residues and leaves a positive charge on the slide surface, which can hold many specimens.

Made by the float glass process these slides are very flat and only have tiny thickness variations on a slide. These slides offer improved light transmission, very low autofluorescence; which would only be an issue with lowest fluorescence specimens.

  • These slides electrostatically attract frozen tissue sections and cytology preparations, binding them to the slide.
  • They form a bridge so that covalent bonds develop between formalin fixed sections and the glass.
  • Tissue sections and cytological preparations adhere better to the Plus glass slides without the need for special adhesives or protein coatings.

The alternative treatment is a coating with either silane or poly-L-lysine.
Poly-L-lysine improves the adhesion of tissues to the slide (Starfrost polycat slides).
Silane enhances adhesion of histological and plastic embedded sections to microscope slides.


These coated slides were developed especially for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and harsher applications.
Highest quality, German-made microscope slides. Made by Schott "white crown glass"; this glass has highest light transmission and no autofluorescence, Dimensions 26 x 76 x 1.0mm.


  • Stronger adherence characteristics than regular adhesive slides (G313 Advanced adhesive).
  • Tissue does not fall off.
  • Improved staining.
  • Broad range of applications.
  • The quality of the coating has been tested by several cancer research labs and with different brands of equipment, e.g. Ventana Discovery XT/Benchmark and Leica Bond-Max.
  • No autofluorescence

A printed coloured (white=W; yellow=Y or blue=B suffix) slide end provides an excellent inscription surface and prevents scratching and sticking.

Printer slides
The most effective slides for automated slide-printing-machines.

  • Special ink treatment on the frosted area for the best printing-quality
  • Single side frosted area as well as additional printed patterns for reduction of sticking effect
  • Best edge grinding for easy automatisation handling
  • Clipped corners to reduce twist and possible chips


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