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Pocket size magnifier with a biconvex lens made by Peak of Japan. The sliding frame is designed to store the lens drawer-like when not in use.

The Steinheil type lens provides excellent optics and makes these magnifiers suitable for preliminary inspections of microscopic specimens. It is lightweight and has excellent chromatic correction with a reasonably wide field of view.

This magnifier can frequently eliminate the use of bulky and heavier conventional magnifiers.
Size: 39 x 24 x 22mm, approximate weight: 20g.

Comes in a durable storage pouch.

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The Peak Optical Company was established in Tokyo in 1950, based on an earlier optical company founded in 1914 in Yokohama. Peak is now Japan's leading manufacturer of magnifiers. We offer a large range of Peak magnifiers suitable for varied applications.

Magnifer quality considerations: With very few exceptions, which are indicated, Peak uses crown and flint glasses for their lenses. Acrylic lenses have excellent optical properties. They are lighter than glass, but more prone to scratching.

Better magnifiers have a "flat field", which means that the area in view is in focus from edge-to-edge. A simpler magnifier has insufficient lens elements to correct for the fact that the distance to the edge of a field of view is greater than to the centre (spherical aberration). All of the scale magnifiers have excellent flat fields, but best are the anastigmatic magnifiers, 4x and 7x on page O4.

Components of white light (red, green, blue etc.) are affected differently when passing through a lens. This manifests itself as colour fringes along edges. Good optics are corrected to negate the effect by using lenses of different materials and shaping of lenses. The artefact is called chromatic aberration and Peak magnifiers are free from these effects.

Optimal selection of magnifiers for particular purposes is based on experience, knowledge and personal preference. It is basic that high magnification is at the loss of field - visible area. A 30x magnifier is great to inspect a single printed letter and is not efficacious for reading. For reading small print or for looking at photographs magnifications of 2x or 3x is sufficient. 5x or 7x magnifiers are good as universal magnifiers for many medium magnification tasks. Higher magnifications are for inspecting increasingly finer details.

The scale magnifiers on this page have certain features in common. Screwed with a collar to the base of the acrylic skirt is an interchangeable scale. These can be seen in focus together with the subject and so, depending on the scale one can measure and compare distances in 0.1mm units, angles, small circle diameters, thread pitch of bolts and more. The acrylic skirt is removable and then the magnifier becomes a hand-held unit. All the scale magnifiers have a focus adjustment to correct for short or long vision and also if they are used above the subject - like on top of the long glass scales. The most popular scale magnifier is the 10x unit. All of our scale magnifiers are supplied with a simple measuring scale, giving 0.1mm readings and, except O2504 & O2507, come in a durable storage pouch.


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