Super pap pen liquid blocker

PAP Pens are used for immunohistochemical applications. The hydrophobic properties allow the user to draw barriers on the slide, in any pattern, to confine the flow of reagents to a defined area. A minimum of valuable antiserum will be used. Visible marking is light green/blue and can be removed with Xylene.

For immunohistochemistry, the PAP Pen should be applied after deparaffinization.


  1.  Deparaffinize tissue sections and hydrate to water.
  2.  Wipe away excess liquid around the section on the glass slide with tissue paper.
  3.  Encircle the tissue section or draw lines on both sides of the section and let dry (10-15 seconds). Soak slides in PBS.

mini size, approximately 7.5ml
reg size, ~ 16.5mL

See also:  ID300 & ID300M ProSciTech ID300

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-05-2022
ITP22309 Super pap pen liquid blocker Regular Each 4 weeks AU $129.00
ITP22311 Super pap pen liquid blocker Mini Each 4 weeks AU $95.00