Technovit 3040 mounting medium kit (DG)

Technovit 3040 yellow is a fast curing methyl methacrylate-based resin, whose chemical composition warrants a firm, durable bond between Technovit and the specimen.

Technovit 3040 consists of two components – powder and liquid – allowing simple mixing, easy adherence to the specimen, and fast curing. For fixing the mount, a high viscous consistency is required (i.e. a mixing ratio of approximately 2-3 parts per volume powder: 1 part per volume liquid) has proven to be the most advantageous.

Technovit 3040 Kit consists of:
1 x 100g Technovit 3040 powder Online SDS Non regulated
1 x 80 ml Technovit 3040 liquid  Online SDS UN1247 - Class 3 - PG II 

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EMS14652 Technovit 3040 mounting medium kit (DG) Each See above AU $370.00