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Kits have SDSs for individual components. For a list of components see the kit on our website.

Non-hazardous materials do not require an SDS.


A listing of our Safety Data Sheets that relate to our product range, mainly chemicals. 
Select your SDS from the dropdown menu. Our SDSs are also linked from the individual items on the product pages.

AGI-500 Gram's Iodine
AGSK-100 Decolouriser
AP101 Apiezon® AP101 Grease
APBS-1L Phosphate Buffered Saline
C005 Paraformaldehyde 4% Aqueous Solution, EM Grade
C020 Sodium Cacodylate Trihydrate
C023 LR Resin, uncatalysed
C032 Histocryl Resin Kit
C041 Araldite 502
C042 N-Butyl Methacrylate, Monomer
C044 Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride Specially Distilled
C047 D.E.R. 736 Epoxy Resin
C050 DMAE, Dimethylaminoethanol
C054 Benzyldimethlamine (BDMA)
C071 Ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate
C072 Phosphotungstic Acid
C073 Trilead Dicitrate
C074 Basic Fuchsin, certified, C.I. 42510
C076-THIOCARBOHYDRAZIDE Thiocarbohydrazide
C079 Uranyl Acetate
C085 Brilliant Cresyl Blue
C086 Brilliant Green
C087 Bromophenol Blue
C093 Congo Red
C097 Eosin Y Certified
C100 Fast Green FCF
C102 Sirius Red F3B, C.I. 35780
C104 Leishman Stain
C106 Gold Chloride
C106 Gold Chloride
C107 Haematoxylin, certified, C.I. 75290
C118 Methyl Orange
C120 Lead Acetate Trihydrate
C124 Methylene Blue, certified
C127 Natural Red
C128 Nigrosin, w/s, C.I. 50420
C134 Pararosaniline
C137 Rose Bengal
C138 Safranin O
C139 Silver Nitrate, ACS/ISO Grade
C142 Sodium tungstate
C143 Sudan III
C144 Sudan IV
C151 Lead Nitrate
C201 Sodium Hydroxide 2N Solution
C364 Potassium Permanganate
C651 Methyl methacrylate
C653 Benzoin Methyl Ether
C81-005 Orange Silica Gel
I003 Conductive carbon/graphite paint, SEM adhesive
I509 Crystalbond 509
IA011 PELCO® Cryo-embedding compound
IA019 Permount mounting medium
IC115 Cargille Immersion Oil Type NVH Code 658
IM022 Entellan® new rapid mounting medium for microscopy
IM037 Fluoro-Gel with DABCO™, water-based mounting medium
M003 Invoil C
M007 Mechanical Pump Oil
M009 Apiezon® L ultra high vacuum grease
M013 Apiezon® H Grease
M014 Apiezon® M Grease
M015 Apiezon® N Grease
M030 Alconox
M030 Alconox
QFP-00552-2 Fluorescent Particles, Yellow, 1% w/v, 0.04‐0.09 um, 2 mL
QPMS-40-10 Polystyrene magnetic particles (smooth), 4.0 - 5.0µm, 2.5%, 10mL
VIN05 Indium wire


We've kept a list of our old Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for your reference. Select your MSDS from the dropdown menu. 



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