ProSciTech represents VITLAB of Germany, a producer of superior laboratory plastic ware. VITLAB excels particularly in volume measuring devices. Most graduated VITLAB products are identified by blue or red markings; we also carry a large range of other VITLAB items. In some instances we only stock the most commonly used sizes, but any VITLAB product may be obtained on request.

Also available:

  • Measuring cylinders and volumetric flasks, Class A, certified
  • PTFE bottles and beakers
  • Trace analysis labware made of PFA (perfluoroalkoxy copolymer) featuring excellent temperature stability, chemical inertness against almost all chemicals, long stability of low concentration standards, no leachable metals, extremely hydrophobic and anti-adhesive, very smooth surfaces – easy to clean and no memory effects.

Information about VITLAB items
The following information can be found on the VITLAB website