Dumont Tweezers - Styles and Types Guide

Common Styles 

Style 0 - Thin tips

Style 0 DiagramStyle 0 Tweezer


Style 1 - Strong tips

Style 1 DiagramStyle 1 Tweezer


Style 2 - Strong, long tips

Style 2 DiagramStyle 2 Tweezer


Style 2A - Flat rounded tips

Style 2A DiagramStyle 2A Tweezer


Style 3 - Thin tips

Style 3 DiagramStyle 3 Tweezer


Style 3C - Short, thin tips


Style 4 - Very thin tips. Stronger than style 5

Style 4 DiagramStyle 4 Tweezer


Style 5 - Super thin tips

Style 5 DiagramStyle 5 Tweezer


Style 5A - Oblique tips

Style 5A DiagramStyle 5A Tweezer


Style 7 - Curved and thin tips

Style 7 DiagramStyle 7 Tweezer

Type Codes 

AC: Anti-capillary tip tweezers, available in biological grade. These tweezers defy capillary action and they are favoured by some users for "staining" operations. They are delicate and easily damaged.

L: Tweezers with a clamping ring ideal for medical use, generally serrated finger grips.

N: Tweezers are self-closing. Opposite action to standard tweezers.

ESD: Tweezer grips made generally of vulcanised nitrile rubber or epoxy-coated for electro static discharge (ESD).

XL: Tweezers with extra long handles.