Labglass Glassware

ProSciTech is a distributor for Labglass AUSTRALIA'S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY SCIENTIFIC GLASSWARE to Australian and international clientele.

    LabGlass custom manufacturers for industries and disciplines:

    • Coal
    • Environmental
    • Food and Wine
    • Medical Research
    • Mining, Metallurgical Processing and Testing
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Pesticides
    • Petroleum
    • Pharmaceutical
    Range Includes:
    • Labglass Water Stills, now known as the RIVERGUM Series of Water Stills, offering several models and Labglass reliability. Many earlier models are still in operation due to their reliability, case of use, and continuity of available spare parts - hallmarks of Labglass quality and service.

    • Interchangeable (jointed) Glassware For: Chemistry, Research, Quality Control, Monitoring, Education, Industry & Manufacturing. This range is not limited to the catalogue, LabGalss are able to provide modified or custom-made items to customer specifications. It is a major part of the LabGlass business output - custom made does not mean custom priced.

    All LabGlass products are manufactured by hand to ensure quality and keenness of price, and are made using high quality borosilicate glass components from Schott and Duran, Germany. LabGlass is a major distributor of Schott and Duran laboratory glassware and the Hirschmann range of volumetric glassware - burettes, pipettes, cylinders, flasks etc. LabGlass are the Sole Australian agents for Robu Glass Sinters and Glindemann PTFE Joint Sealing Rings.



    LabGlass products are made from Borosilicate glass but can also be manufactured or supplied as quartz laboratory glassware. No minimum quantity or minimum order is required with requested custom or modification designs.