Series B

Series B nD 1.642-1.700 ±0.0002 (589.3nm, 25.0°C)

Cargille Refractive Index Liquids have become standard items in many laboratories as their applications have expanded from routine mineralogical identifications and quality control. New and broader uses in many more fields such as chemicals, engineering, medical, forensic, optics, and instrumentation are continuously discovered. Many special requirements for specific applications have created a need for more technical data, new formulations, extended ranges, smaller increments and higher degrees of precision.

Since 1942, Cargille Laboratories, Inc. has been filling this growing need. And today, the largest and most comprehensive assemblage of refractive index liquids - over 250 stocked items - are available for science, industry, medicine, and education. For specialised and unusual applications, many more can be formulated and others are routinely researched in anticipation of new needs.

Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) components used in some Cargille optical liquids have physical properties that are harmless to the ozone layer, unlike those found in refrigerant gases, propellants, and solvents, which are destructive. The components used by Cargille Laboratories have vapour densities ten times that of air, are relatively nonvolatile, and have boiling points at least 100 deg. C higher than the highest-boiling CFC of those listed for removal from commercial use by the Montreal Protocol.

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