Antivibration Tables and Platforms

Speirs Robertson are manufacturers of vibration isolation platforms, tables, laboratory furniture and acoustic cabinetsManufactured in the UK.

Speirs Robertson antivibration platforms and tables are used in applications from IVF to confocal microscopy and used with equipment from all the major equipment suppliers include Zeiss, Olympus, Mettler Toledo, Sartorius and a broad other well known brands.

Advantages of antivabration in the laboratory:

  • Creates the best environment for scientific instruments, reducing costs by speeding up measurements and improving accuracy.
  • Instrument manufacturers and industry regulations require products to be placed in environments where they function effectively.
  • Choice of surfaces suitable for differing environments, such as laboratories, clean rooms, medical and biohazard areas.
  • Competitively priced, flat packed and easy to install with no maintenance required.

Select the right isolation products for your application:

1) Product Category:

Decide if you are looking for performance benching, single tables or platforms.

2) Isolation Level: 

a) Basic level - Low floor vibrations using basic laboratory instruments such as general purpose balances or microscopes, then performance benching or tables are a good option and provide a robust surface on which to work.

b) Research level - Sensitive instruments such as microbalances or research microscopes, require sophisticated vibration isolation as achieved using Sorbothane isolators. Platforms should be placed on Performance benching.

c) Performance level - High performance instruments such as 5 place microbalances, confocal microscopes or ultramicrotomes require damped rolling diaphragm air isolators, which give very high levels of isolation. Air platforms are available in two versions: Active, which require a supply of compressed air and automatically adjust to load or Passive which are pumped up and left alone. Air platforms should be placed on performance benching.

3) Load Capacity: 

Select products according to the weight that will be used on them. Differing levels of load capacity are available. You should choose the version with maximum load closest to the expected load. In general,

  • Capacity of 25kgs = Balance types

  • Capacity of 75kgs = Microscope types 

  • Capacity of 200kgs = Instrument types

Also includes all basic level tables and benching.

4) Surface Type: 

Selecting the worktop type will most likely depend on the environment. There is Pharma stainless, Trespa and Epoxy (316 bright polished stainless is also an option). For cleanrooms stainless is generally recommended, as well as for food and biohazard areas. Trespa is good for general laboratory use. 

5) Size: 

A wide range of sizing choices for tables and platforms are available to suit most applications. Tables have a working height of 750mm but can be made for 900mm.


Antivibration Products 

Antivibration Tables*


Air isolation tables:

  • AMD-MF Microscope Active Air (100kg)
  • AMD-MP Microscope Passive Air (100kg)
  • AMD-FH Microscope Workstation (100kg


Air isolation area tables:

  • AMD-MA Epoxy Microscope Active Air (100kg)
  • AMD-AS Stainless Balance Passive Air (100kg))
  • AMD-AS Trespa Balance Passive Air (100kg)


 Sorbothane isolation tables:

  • AMD-SB Stainless Balance (25kg)
  • AMD-SB Trespa Balance (25kg)
  • AMD-SM Stainless Microscope (75kg)
  • AMD-SM Trespa Microscope (75kg)
  • AMD-SR Stainless Instrument (200kg)
  • AMD-SR Trespa Instrument (200kg)
  • AMD-SR Epoxy Instrument (200kg)


Sorbothane isolation area tables:

  • AMD-SS Stainless Balance (25kg)
  • AMD-SS Trespa Balance (25kg)


Performance tables:

  • AMTS Stainless Performance (200kg)
  • AMTR Trespa Performance (200kg)

*Frames for isolation tables give a working height of 750mm, please request 900mm when ordering if required. Benching is always 900mm height.

Antivibration Platforms


Air isolation platforms:

  • AMF Epoxy Active Air (100kg)
  • AMF Stainless Active Air (100kg)
  • AMP Epoxy Passive Air (100kg)
  • AMP Stainless Passive Air (100kg)
  • AMFH Workstation Active Air (100kg)
  • AMF-LX Stainless Balance Active Air (100kg)
  • AMB Stainless Passive Balance Air (100kg)

Sorbothane isolation platforms:

  • AMS Stainless Balance (25kg)
  • AMSM Stainless Microscope (75kg)
  • AMSR Stainless Instrument (200kg)

Contoured microscope platforms:

  • AMC-1 Electroless Nickel Passive Air (75kg)
  • AMC-3 Epoxy Passive Air (75kg)
  • AMC-7 Epoxy Sorbothane

High load platforms:

  • AMCU Stainless Heavy Instrument (1000kg)

Laboratory Benches


Performance benching:

  • AMTR-LB Trespa Bench Starter (200kg)
  • AMTR-LBE Trespa Bench Extension (200kg)


Under bench cabinets:

  • AMCB Single Full Height Single Door (200kg)
  • AMCB Single Full Height Two Door (200kg)
  • AMCD Single with Single Drawer (200kg/25kg)
  • AMCD Double with Two Drawers (200kg/25kg x 2)
  • AMCE Four Drawer (25kg x 4)


Heavy duty benching:

  • AMTR-LX Trespa (400kg)


Antivibration Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available for use with Speirs Robertson antivibration products. These include compressors, shelves, under bench cabinets, monitor stands, arm rest bars, keyboard shelves, arm rests, acoustic hoods and draft shields. 

Special surface options available on request:

  • Trespa surface option (TR)
  • Ferromagnetic top surface (FS)
  • Stainless 316 finish (S3)

Additional options on request:

  • Load bars (L)
  • Through hole, certain tables only (H)



  • AM2 Concentric isolator
  • AM3 OEM isolators
  • AM5 Damping volume
  • AM9 Levelling arm 

Table and bench options:

  • F01 Stainless Frame*
  • F02 Frame Shelves
  • F03 Platform guards
  • F04 Platform shelf
  • F05 Stainless guards
  • F06 Retractable castor feet
  • F07 Guard bracket set
  • F08 Arm rest
  • F10 Monitor support arm
  • F13 Passive platform guards
  • F15 Gel arm rest
  • F19 Keyboard shelf
  • F20 Balance table front guard
  • Hi-Spec1195 non-magnetic legs (3pcs)
  • Hi-Spec Isolation legs (4pcs)
  • Active self-levelling option
  • F51 Storage tray rack with 12 trays for AMCB-800


  • C01 Silent Compressor
  • C03 Mini Compressor
  • Air preparation unit

Acoustic hoods and draft shields:

Isolation platforms only remove vibrations coming from the surface an instrument rests on and if there are drafts or high levels of noise it is important to shield the instrument on its isolating platform from these as well.

  • ALSB Balance Draft Shield
  • ALSC Acoustic Hoods