Cross Absorbed Products

Aurion has developed a series of cross absorbed products that solve the problems resulting from cross reactivity. 

Cross reactivity can be a problem when working with primary antibodies sourced from animal species that are evolutionary closely related to the source of tissues or cells that antigens are to be detected in.

An example is using a mouse monoclonal on rat tissue. With many monoclonal antibodies of mouse origin and some of rat, and the prevailing animal cells and tissues being used in studies likewise originating from rat or mouse, it often happens that cross reactivity occurs, leading to false positive results.

A second problem that derives from cross-reactivity occurs in double labeling, when using primary antibodies from closely related animal sources. 

Secondary antibodies have been thoroughly purified using solid phase technique. These purified antibodies allow detection of antigens with mouse monoclonal antibodies in rat tissue or rat monoclonal antibodies in mouse tissue, without causing interfering binding to either endogenous mouse or rat immunoglobulins.

The antibodies can be used for double labeling as well when both mouse and rat primary antibodies are used with other than mouse or rat tissue.

Please note

Cross adsorption against closely related species may result in epitope recognition with reduced binding force and lower labeling density.

The strongest labeling intensity is usually achieved with the least refined antibodies. Users are advised to take this into account when choosing a product from the Aurion range of anti-mouse or anti-rat conjugates. 

Code Title Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Availability* Price
EMS25904 Goat-Anti-Rat Igg (H+L)Xmouse Ultra small 1.5ml Quote only Quote
EMS25905 Goat-Anti-Rat Igg (H+L)Xmouse Ultra small 0.6ml Quote only Quote
EMS25907 Goat-Anti-Rat Igg (H+L)Xmouse 10nm 1.0ml Quote only Quote
EMS25906 Goat-Anti-Rat Igg (H+L)Xmouse 10nm 2.5ml Quote only Quote
EMS25901 Goat-Anti-Mouse Igg (H+L)Xrat Ultra small 0.6ml Quote only Quote
EMS25900 Goat-Anti-Mouse Igg (H+L)Xrat Ultra small 1.5ml Quote only Quote
EMS25903 Goat-Anti-Mouse Igg (H+L)Xrat 10nm 1.0ml Quote only Quote
EMS25902 Goat-Anti-Mouse Igg (H+L)Xrat 10nm 2.5ml Quote only Quote