Microscopy Photography

Micrography is the practice or art of using microscopes to make photographs. Images taken through microscopes are known as micrographs or photomicrographs.

A micrograph can contain extensive details of microstructure and has been widely used in for medical research to investigate cells, tissues and drug development. The development of digital cameras and electron microscopy has allowed for highly sophisticated imaging. A wealth of information can be obtained from a simple micrograph like behaviour of the material under different conditions, the phases found in the system, failure analysis, grain size estimation, elemental analysis and so on. Micrographs are widely used in all fields of microscopy at all levels. There are many affordable handheld digital microscopes that can magnify and record all in one.

ProSciTech has microscopy cameras available from Motic, Teledyne Lumenera and ToupTek Photonics and handheld digital microscopes from Dino-Lite that will suit most standardised SLRs and DSLRs cameras for all applications from hobbyists to researchers.

Connecting your exisiting camera to your microscope is easier than ever with eyepiece adapters available that are compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus and many other cameras including smartphone cameras and eyepieces for all major microscope brands.

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Motic has been pioneering attachable digital microscopy solutions that continue to revolutionise the way even old microscopes can be reborn.

Starting out with very humble VGA resolution all those years ago, we are now looking at the live imaging through high speed USB3 connections. Whether it is WiFi, HDMI, USB3 or SD card, there is a way for you to share data that exactly fits your requirement.

As a global market leader Teledyne Lumenera provides an extensive range of high quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today's imaging applications. Teledyne Lumenera also offers custom design services to OEM partners requiring specialised hardware and software features.

ToupTek is world-wide camera vendor for many fields including microscopy, astronomy, medical imaging and industrial inspections. ToupTek is dedicated to providing the best cameras and services to customers with the most complete product portfolio, including USB2.0 camera, USB3.0 camera, HDMI camera and WIFI cameras. Cameras are available with or without external trigger, TE-cooling system and the types of sensors range from the most popular CMOS to the most advanced CCD.

AnMo Electronics Corporation has been at the forefront of the image digitization sector since 2000 and as such is at the heart of the design and development of digital microscopes in Taiwan. Over the years, the Dino-Lite series digital handheld microscope and Dino-Eye series microscope eyepiece have evolved and expanded to better serve our customers, covering major markets in five different continents through our comprehensive network of distributors.


Microphotography Resources for Major Camera Brands

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