PELCO Tweezers

PELCO® tweezers made by Ted Pella, Inc. offer tweezers to meet a multitude of applications in science, research and industry. They are available in recognisable styles, finishes and materials including stainless steel (SS), non-magnetic stainless steel (NM-SS), anti-acid stainless steel (AA-SS), carbon steel (CS), Ni-Cr-Mo superalloy (CX), titanium (TI),  gold plate (AU), carbon fibre reinforced PVDF (PVDF) and polymide 66 (PM).  View the full collection: 

 These tools are not intended for use with live human tissue or liquids or human material unless specifically described for that purpose. 

Stainless Steel Tweezers

PELCO® Pro Mini

Short length with fine tipped tweezers, ideal in tight spaces. NM-SS. Available in 3 styles.

PELCO® Pro Slim

PELCO® Pro Slim Tweezers

Super slim with precise, fine tips ideal for tight spaces or near heat sources. NM-SS. Available in 7 styles.  

 PELCO® Pro General Purpose

General lab applications. NM-SS. Available in 10 styles.

PELCO® Pro High Precision PTFE Coated

Tough tweezers with good abrasion resistance. NM-SS, PTFE coated. Available in 4 styles.

PELCO® Pro High

PELCO Pro High Precision Tweezers

High precision with good corrosion resistance. AA-NM-SS. Available in 11 styles. 

 PELCO® Pro Flat and Pad Tip

PELCO® Pro Flat and Pad Tip Tweezers

Smooth, scratch-proof tips, useful for handling delicate and pressure sensitive parts. NM-SS. Available in 9 styles.

PELCO® Pro Reverse

PELCO® Pro Reverse (self-closing) Tweezers
High precision reverse action ideal for high precision microscopy and assembly applications. NM-SS. Available in 10 styles.


 Specialty Material and Use Tweezers

PELCO® Pro Wire Cutting

PELCO® Pro Wire Cutting Tweezers

Precision cutting for fine wire in electronics and thin film research. CS. Available in 9 style.

PELCO® Cryo Tweezers

PELCO Pro ESD Epoxy Tweezers No. 00
vitrobot tweezer
aesculap forceps
PELCO Pro ESD Epoxy Tweezers No. 00
Various styles and finishes available.

PELCO® Pro Locking

PELCO Clamping Tweezers

Easier to hold specimens or parts without pressure. AA-NM-SS. Available in 8 styles. 

PELCO® Pro Biology

Ideal for applications in aggressive chemical environments. NM-CX Superalloy (Ni-Cr-Mo). Available in 4 styles.

PELCO® Pro Superalloy

PELCO Pro Superalloy Tweezers

Excellent strength, hardness and heat resistance. Ni-Cr-Mo alloy. Available in 8 styles.

PELCO® Pro High Precision DLC Coated

PELCO Pro DLC Tweezers

Extremely high wear and abrasion resistance. NM-SS with 2µm diamond like carbon coated tips. Available in 10 styles.

PELCO® Pro Gold Plated


Resists chemical corrosion, oxidation and excellent electrical conductor. AA-NM-SS with 2µm 24-carat gold plate. Available in 12 styles. 

PELCO® Pro Precision Titanium

PELCO Pro High Precision Tweezers

Lightweight, strong tweezers. NM-Ti. Available in 7 styles.

Wafer and Delicate Material Tweezers

PELCO® Pro Soft Tip

Soft Tip Tweezers

Scratch proof designed to handle sensitive parts. SS, polyamide/carbon fibre tips. Available in 4 styles.

PELCO® Pro Wafer Handling

Pelco Pro Wafer Handling TweezersPelco Pro Wafer Handling Tweezers

Flat tips for safely handling silicon wafers, one piece or replaceable tips, ESD safe. SS, PTFE tips. Available in 12 styles.

PELCO® Carbon Fibre Replaceable Reinforced Tip

PELCO® SV Replaceable Tip Carbon Fiber Tweezers
self closing carbon tweezer, style 5X Sturdy non-scratching with outstanding chemical resistance and electrically conductive, ESD safe. NM-SS, PVDF, PEEK or carbon fibre tips. Available in 25 styles. 

PELCO® Ceramic Tip

Ceramic Tip Tweezers

Anti-magnetic, non-conducting, chemical resistant, heat resistant and lightweight. SS, zirconia ceramic tips. Available in 5 styles.

ESD and Ergonomic Tweezers

PELCO® Carbon Fibre Reinforced

PELCO® SV Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tweezers

ESD Safe, Cleanroom compatible. Carbon reinforced PVFD and carbon reinforced polyamide 66. Available in 6 styles.

PELCO® Ergonomic, ESD, Soft Grip

aesculap forceps

Non-magnetic precision tweezers with soft ESD safe ergonomic grips, clean room safe. NM-SS, soft plastic grips. Available in 7 styles. 

PELCO® ESD Ergonomic

ESD Ergonomic Tweezers with foam grips - clean room safe
ESD safe plus wire cutter/tab nipper. NM-SS, foam grips. Available in 7 styles.

PELCO® Pro Precision ESD Safe

ESD Epoxy Coated Tweezers

Precision with impact resistance and good chemical resistance. NM-SS, epoxy coated grips. Available in 9 styles.