Instant Quotes

Save time and get an instant quote delivered straight to your inbox. Set-up is simple and quick. Instructions and troubleshooting are listed below. 

  • Instant quotes are available for most products. For orders over $1000, international orders, or products that are not online (such as special items) please send a quote request. 
  • Online quantity discounts can not be quoted, but will be honoured if included in your official order.
  • Some purchasing departments allow a screen shot of the cart as a quote. 


1. Create your online profile

 Click on the profile icon at the top right of the page. Click on "Sign Up" (or "Log in" if you already have a profile). 

  • Firefox or Google Chrome are recommended as Internet Explorer frequently returns errors for this app. 
  • Online profiles can be used to create quotes, order online, and keep track of previous online orders. (We hate spam too! Your online profile is not used by us for marketing purposes.)
  • The online profile does not link to a credit account, or to orders sent by email.

2. Add product(s) to the cart

Search for the product you would like using the menu or the search feature at the top right. Add to your cart using the "buy/quote" button near the bottom of the product description page.
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) items cannot go express. Express includes air transport, and DG items must be shipped by road

3. Generate the quote

Click the "Generate Quote" button at the bottom of the cart once your order is complete. 

4. That's it!

  • Your quote including shipping will appear in your inbox in 1-2 minutes.


1.  If you are stuck on "Creating..."

  • reload the page by pressing the F5 Key or the reload button on your browser. It should appear near the top of your screen.

  • make sure you are not using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as they have trouble displaying our website correctly.  Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended.
  • Also check that your address is correct, especially the post code.
  • You may also need to disable your ad blocker.
  • Reload the page after trying these options.

2. If you do not receive an email after seeing the message "Thank you for your quote request. You will receive your quote via email shortly.":

  • Check your spam folder.
  • Check that you have entered your email correctly.