Immersion Oils

Cargille Immersion Oils: Cargille was first to introduce PCB-Free immersion oils in 1972. Though all immersion oils are now PCB free, no other immersion oil meets FDA criteria; and Cargille's exceeds ISO, DIN and all instrument manufacturer's standards.

For Normal Light Microscopy use Types A and B.
Elevated Temperatures (>23°C to 37°C): Use Type 37.
Inverted, Inclined, Projection, and Long Focus Instruments: Use type NVH or OVH. the greater the gap between the cover glass and objective, or between the slide and condenser, the more desirable high viscosity becomes. Their very high viscosities give excellent results for these applications.

Fluorescence Microscopy: Extremely low fluorescence is achieved by Type LDF and Type HF.

Code Title Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Availability Price
IC116LDF-050 Immersion oil, low fluorescence, type LDF 50mL In Stock AU $179.00
IC116LDF-200 Immersion oil, low fluorescence, type LDF 200mL Only 2 AU $235.00
IC116LDF-450 Immersion oil, low fluorescence, type LDF 450mL Only 2 AU $256.00
IC113 Immersion oil Type A 50mL In Stock AU $26.00
IC1132 Immersion oil Type A 200mL Only 3 AU $100.00
IC1133 Immersion oil Type A 3.785L Only 1 AU $1,173.00
IC114 Immersion oil Type B 50mL In Stock AU $26.00
IC1142 Immersion oil Type B 200mL Only 2 AU $96.00
IC1143 Immersion oil Type B 3.785L In Stock AU $1,093.00
IC1145 Immersion oil Type B 480mL 4 weeks AU $202.00
IC115 Immersion oil Type NVH 50mL In Stock AU $44.00
IC1151 Immersion oil Type NVH 450mL Only 2 AU $255.00
IC1152 Immersion oil Type NVH 200mL Only 2 AU $149.00
IC118 Immersion oil Type OVH 50mL In Stock AU $49.00
IC1182 Immersion oil Type OVH 200mL Only 2 AU $164.00
IC1185 Immersion oil Type OVH 450mL Only 1 AU $343.00
IC137 Immersion oil Type 37 50mL In Stock AU $33.00
IC1372 Immersion oil Type 37 200mL Only 2 AU $129.00
IC1375 Immersion oil Type 37 450mL Only 1 AU $255.00
IC16252 Immersion oil Type 300 7.4mL In Stock AU $49.00
EMS12430 Immersion cedar wood oil 100mL 2 weeks AU $117.00
IC117FF-450 Immersion oil, fluorescence-free Type FF 450mL Only 1 AU $256.00
IC117FF-050 Immersion oil, fluorescence-free Type FF 50mL In Stock AU $40.00
IC117FF-200 Immersion oil, fluorescence-free Type FF 200mL Only 2 AU $152.00