Weld flange (KF)

These weld flanges have several names flat flanges, terminal pad, half nipple, tubulations, and flange coupling.
As the name implies the primary purpose is for welding a Klein flange to metal tubing or to glue to hard plastic tubing. Weld flanges can be used as KF to hose adapters. Secure the vacuum tubing with a SS hose clamp.
They are made from SS304 and machined from solid bar without welds.
Special specifications can be custom made.

Conflat weld flange

Code Title Size Length Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-06-2022
VTP-16-12 Weld flange (KF) KF16 13mm each 4 weeks AU $33.00
VTP-16-25 Weld flange (KF) KF16 25mm each 4 weeks AU $39.00
VTP-16-50 Weld flange (KF) KF16 50mm each In Stock AU $47.00
VTP-16-70 Weld flange (KF) KF16 70mm each 4 weeks AU $55.00
VTP-25-12 Weld flange (KF) KF25 13mm each 1 in stock AU $31.00
VTP-25-40 Weld flange (KF) KF25 40mm each 4 weeks AU $50.00
VTP-25-70 Weld flange (KF) KF25 70mm each 2 in stock AU $66.00
VTP-40-19 Weld flange (KF) KF40 19mm each In Stock AU $38.00
VTP-40-25 Weld flange (KF) KF40 25mm each 4 weeks AU $58.00
VTP-40-40 Weld flange (KF) KF40 40mm each 4 weeks AU $65.00
VTP-40-70 Weld flange (KF) KF40 70mm each 4 weeks AU $93.00
VTP-50-12 Weld flange (KF) KF50 13mm each 4 weeks AU $63.00
VTP-50-25 Weld flange (KF) KF50 25mm each 4 weeks AU $70.00
VTP-50-50 Weld flange (KF) KF50 50mm each 4 weeks AU $87.00
VTP-50-70 Weld flange (KF) KF50 70mm each 3 in stock AU $104.00