Lister scissors, 420SS

Lister scissors are made from 420SS Japanese steel. They are scissors that have an angled tip with a blunt tip on the bottom blade. This helps in cutting bandages without gouging the skin. 

For fine control the length ratio of blades versus handles from the pivot point is important; relatively longer handles give better control. Smaller scissors can move into restricted openings and don't obscure vision.  
The scissors on this page are well made with a matt, brushed finish. They are a 'Best Buy' and compare well with very expensive, name-brand surgical scissors.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-08-2022
TS148-090 Lister scissors, 420SS 90mm Each In Stock AU $12.00
TS148-140 Lister scissors, 420SS 140mm Each In Stock AU $13.00
TS148-200 Lister scissors, 420SS 200mm Each 3 in stock AU $21.00