Lister scissors, 420SS

Lister scissors are made from 420SS Japanese steel.   For fine control the length ratio of blades versus handles from the pivot point is important; relatively longer handles give better control. Smaller scissors can move into restricted openings and don't obscure vision.   
The scissors on this page are well made with a matt, brushed finish. They are a 'Best Buy' and compare well with very expensive, name-brand surgical scissors.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-12-2021
TS148-090 Lister scissors, 420SS 90mm Each In Stock AU $12.00
TS148-140 Lister scissors, 420SS 140mm Each In Stock AU $13.00
TS148-200 Lister scissors, 420SS 200mm Each 3 in stock AU $21.00